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Accessible applications to manage your screen time with cold Turkey

I've reviewed your options for managing screen time with iOS, but until recently, did not believe there was an accessible way to do this on windows.

Windows does have solutions to measure screen time built in. However, these are mostly geared towards family screen time management. Options for an individual user to manage their onscreen time are sorely lacking natively. There is no option to set specific apps as active, choose how long you spent in each app, or temporarily blocked distracting apps and web sites.

Recommended by Zapier on this list of The 7 best apps to help you focus and block distractions, The suite of apps by cold Turkey software attempts to change this. Fortunately, unlike other apps of its kind, these are also accessible.

Cold Turkey offers three different apps that tackle the problem in slightly different ways. First, cold Turkey blocker lets you designate apps and web sites as off - limits either for a particular interval of time, until the computer is restarted, or until a password is entered. Cold Turkey Micromanager takes the opposite approach, instead allowing you to choose the apps you want to be able to access at any given time and blocking everything else. Finally, Cold Turkey Writer is a minimalist text editor which forces you to focus on the active document.

Read on for a walkthrough of using all three apps, features, pricing, and of course, accessibility.

Attend the Free Virtual Coding Symposium Sponsored by APH

APH will be sponsoring a free symposium for educators, students, and coating professionals Tuesday, May 11 through Friday, May 14. It is free to attend, features panels and talks from blind and visually impaired coders throughout the industry, and will provide resources for blind and visually impaired students and educators. There will be opportunities to win cash prizes and Amazon gift cards as well.

A review of using twitter on the web

Recently, I decided to experiment with twitter on the web after some lingering frustrations with existing Windows clients. Is it a practical solution? Well... Maybe. Some significant issues exist on the web as well, but Twitter's Webb client has plenty of reasons to recommend it.

New aira news and monthly Aira agent Promos

Starting this month, users will receive a random promo each month on a topic voted on by Aira agents. Read on to find out more about the first promo and how to find out about new monthly promos.

Breaking: Hims Announces BrailleSense 6 Notetaker at #CSUNATC21

As reported ffirst on Blind Bargains, Hims has announced the BrailleSense 6, a new braille keyboard notetaker with 32 cells.

The I.D. Mate Is Being Discontinued

It's the end of the line for the I.D. Mate bar code scanners. The email message below was sent out to I.D. Mate customers subscribed to an EnVision America list on January 15th.

Humanware introduces new line of Brailliant BI ex Braille displays

Humanware has refreshed their lineup of braille displays, with two models which are much more feature-rich. Read on to find out all about the new Brailliant BI 20X and 40X series displays.

Survey from Microsoft accessibility team seeks to understand the voices you use with your screen reader

In an effort to understand how screen reader users choose different voices, the Microsoft accessibility team has released a survey. The survey asks questions about how and why users choose a voice, if different voices are used for different tasks, your level of experience with a screen reader, and more. This is a very comprehensive survey, with both selective response and short answer components, that thoroughly investigates the preferences of screen reader users.

Take the survey here


Voice Dream Reader Version 4.13.0 Released, Bringing New Features and UI Changes

A new version of Voice Dream Reader has been released, bringing new fonts, Bookshare changes, improved cloud services and more. Read more about the update below.

Microsoft launches new screen reader user survey

Shortly after their most recent screen reader voices survey, Microsoft is launching another survey on your experiences with screen readers. Hopefully, this data will lead to even more advancements in screen reader accessibility and usability in the coming months and years. Read more and take the survey below.

6.6 Foot USB Type C to Type C Cables for $3 with Free Shipping

Monoprice has the Monoprice Essentials USB Type-C to Type-C 3.1 Gen 1 Cable for $3. Shipping is free. USB Type C is used on many modern laptops and Android devices. Note this particular cable has a Type C plug on both ends. The cable length is 6.6feet.

Sennheiser AMBEO Smart 3D Sound Recording Headset for $99.99 & Free Shipping

alwayz-on-sale via Amazon has the Sennheiser AMBEO Smart Headset for $99.99. This wired headset, which allows you to record in 3D audio and works with iOS, originally sold for nearly $300.
Joe reviewed this pair earlier this summer, where you can hear the types of recordings that are possible.

#ATIA20 Audio: Ace And Snow Are In The Forecast With Zoomax

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New Customers: Up to $28 off Snacks and Convenience Items from goPuff

New customers can get up to $28 off their first 4 orders ($7 per order) from goPuff by using this referral link.


Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Fable Gives Product Testing Power to the People

J.J. notes at the top of this interview that the BBQast rarely interviews people within the Remediation and Testing sector of A.T. unless the subject of the interview stands out in a very crowded field. That is why he sat down with Samuel Proulx, Accessibility Evangelist for Fable, to discuss their unique approach to commercially available User Centric testing. In this chat you can hear how A.T. users of varying degrees of knowledge can embark on a pathway towards obtaining testing experience through resources provided by Fable. Additionally, those who are seeking something beyond automated testing can find a talent base curated by Fable from their growing community. To learn more about services offered by Fable, visit the company website or Follow them on Twitter @Makeitfable

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall coverage is Brought to you by AFB AccessWorld.

For the latest news and accessibility information on mainstream and access technology, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon offerings, access technology book reviews, and mobile apps, and how they can enhance entertainment, education and employment, log on to AccessWorld, the American Foundation for the Blind's free, monthly, online technology magazine. Visit <>.

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Increase Your Productivity With Vispero's Updated Background Reader

There are products on the market that are so well recognized for what they do that they truly need no introduction to fans of this podcast. But even long-time users of a phentermine for sale product might not be aware some aspects of their favorite Assistive Technology can undergo a slight change during a yearly release cycle. Shelly sat down with Matt Ater, Vice President of Corporate Business Development at Vispero, to talk about some of the recent changes that are coming in an update to ZoomText 2021. The pair discuss the importance of the new Zoomy digital assistant, how user settings now migrate between updated versions of ZT and Matt then demos the functionality of Background Reader. To learn more about ZoomText, Fusion or any of Freedom Scientific's Low Vision products, visit the FS website. Also, be sure to check out the Freedom Scientific Training channel on YouTube as it has tons of great resources on various Vispero products.

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall coverage is Brought to you by AFB AccessWorld.

For the latest news and accessibility information on mainstream and access technology, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amazon offerings, access technology book reviews, and mobile apps, and how they can enhance entertainment, education and employment, log on to AccessWorld, the American Foundation for the Blind's free, monthly, online technology magazine. Visit <>.

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall Audio: Brailliant BI X Marks The Spot For Humanware

Our virtual convention coverage is in full swing, with a deep dive into the happenings at Humanware. Joining J.J. in the simulated Exhibit Hall is Peter Tucic, Blindness Products Brand Ambassador, for his first interview in front of the BBQast microphones. The pair discuss all the features in the new Brailliant BI 20X and 40x units along with how they differ from the APH models. They then turn their attention to the Victor Reader Trek and its most recent GPS update. But that is just the tip of the iceberg as they cover more ground, including the recent service outage. To learn more, join the BI-X mailing list at or visit the Humanware website

Blind Bargains Virtual Exhibit Hall coverage is Brought to you by AFB AccessWorld.

For the latest news and accessibility information on mainstream and access technology, Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Amoxil offerings, access technology book reviews, and mobile apps, and how they can enhance entertainment, education and employment, log on to AccessWorld, the American Foundation for the Blind's free, monthly, online technology magazine. Visit

Blind Bargains #Sponsored Audio: Maps with a Mission with the Free GoodMaps App

As we lead up to our exhibit hall coverage for 2021, we start with an extended interview and deep dive into GoodMaps. Thanks for listening.

Sponsor; Goodmaps, Maps with a Mission

J.J. interviews GoodMaps’ CEO, Jose Gaztambide to learn about the evolution and
exciting developments at GoodMaps. Tune in to learn more about GoodMaps’ indoor
positioning technology, the philosophy behind developments, and their vision for
the next five years.

J.J. also gives listeners a detailed demonstration of GoodMaps’ free iOS and
Android app, called GoodMaps Explore, with both outdoor and indoor
functionality, by going through pieces of the audio
he and Mike May created. You can experience various features first-hand, to name
a couple, location description, getting warmer, and customization settings.

To learn more:

Blind Bargains Qast 222: Described Jazz Hands

Over the past decade, audio description has become much more prevalent for TV shows, movies, and streaming content. But often, current events, especially those that unfold live, don't get that same treatment. This is just one of the areas which is covered by Talk Description to Me, an informative, dynamic, and casual podcast from Christine Malec and JJ Hunt.

As the hosts put it, the podcast is "Where the visuals of current events and the world around us get hashed-out in description-rich conversations." Listen to episode 222 to learn much more about the podcast, their background, and some of the amazing episodes that have been produced. From breaking political and social issues to descriptions of various dance styles, there's sure to be something you ll find interesting.

To learn more, visit the Talk Description to Me website.

You can also follow them on Twitter: @TalkDescription
or find them on Facebook
or Email feedback to

support the podcast on Patreon

Christine also has a personal Patreon for her projects.

Blind Bargains now has a club on the Clubhouse app. Be sure to follow us for engaging conversations about technology and much more. And be sure to stay tuned for much more coming veryy soon.

Blind Bargains Qast 221: The Other Oppisitte Of That

This is kind of funny. Our last show, episode 220 from December, was in 2020. And now BBQ 221 starts off 2021. Okay, it was funnier when we said it out loud during this show than in print. It s a good thing we have a couple of demonstrations of a new speaker and the Chromecast with Google TV to fall back on instead of us relying on calendar-based humor. There is even an actual honest to goodness real news section for the show this go around. Plus, there is a bit of Sound Off and we ignore all food based New Year s Resolutions in the Last Word . So, charge up those Bluetooth remotes and join us for a new installment of the BB Qast.

Blind Bargains Qast 220: Born Accessible

Behold, our 800th piece of audio content on the site. We originally planned this outlandish over the top celebration thingy, but 2020 being what it is, we have opted out of that and we shall just strike our best couch potato poses while binging out on some audio described content instead. Good thing John Sweet and Petr Kucheryavyy, Senior Managers of Accessibility at Charter Communications, are on hand this episode to tell us how we can start our A.D. feast with the free Spectrum Access app. Tune in to hear about the app, the Born Accessible approach the team is taking towards their services and hear demos of Spectrum Access and Spectrum News.

Blind Bargains Qast 219: The 2020 Blind Bargains Holiday Shopping Guide

Welcome to our 6th annual Blind Bargains Holiday Shopping Guide. Once again, we've brought the deals straight to your audio feed. Sit back and relax as some of your favorite merchants, or perhaps some that are new to you, tell you about their latest products and services as well as some holiday deals. We'd like to sincerely thank all of the companies who were apart of this show. Below you'll find information about each company in the order they appear in the show.
We hope you have a socially-distanced, safe and fulfilling Thanksgiving weekend.


Submit a classified ad

Like New Focus 40 Blue 2000 OBO

Bought this last Aug. Only used it twice because it ended up being to large for my needs. It has been in it's original case and works great. Moving and this is why I am selling it. It has original documentation but unfortunately the charger disappeared. I can throw in a USB cable if needed to charge on a laptop and or charging block of your choice. I except cash ap, paypal, or apple pay. It will ship same day as receipt of payment with UPS.

BrailleNote Touch+ for Sale

Hi! I am looking to sell my BNT+. It was upgraded last year from an original; the cells are crisp and everything is in working order. My unit has one of the new calibrated batteries as well (the battery with the dot on it). I am asking for $2500 or best offer. I am willing to discuss payment arrangements, however, a portion of the agreed-upon price must be paid before I will ship it. The box will include the original cable and case as well as the charging block. I accept all forms of p2p payments (paypal, FBPay, cash app, Zelle, etc).

Hi looking for a good note taker for school.

Hi there looking for a good note taker for school, can pay 50 a month. Would like the device right away, thanks. Please text 6785767717.

Hi looking for a Braille sense Polaris mini for 400 dollars.

Hi need this for school. Please text 6785767717.

Free Braille Bible, Book of Mormon, Doctrine & Covants, Pearl of Great Price

Have the following books in Braille in very good condition. Free to a good home. Willing to ship free matter for the blind. The King James Bible. Please note The Bible is missing Genesis to Exodus 12. And the following books making up the scriptures of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Lds) the Book of Mormon Doctrine and covenants Pearl of great price.

New Discovery solutions assistive technology training for as low as $10.00 per hour

As the subject says, I'm offering assistive technology training, note takers, computers, phones, etc. I also offer technical support. Prices start at $10.00 per hour. Email at or call 409-234-2208 to schedule an appointment.

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