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Add Vimeo to the Growing List of Large Websites Taking Accessibility Seriously

More and more mainstream websites are making their components accessible, and a popular video service is one of the latest.

We Found uno Braille at a Local Target, and it's Exactly What you would Expect it to Be

We were just as excited as anyone else to get our hands on the new version of Uno in Braille, produced by Matell Games in collaboration with the National Federation of the Blind. And it was just as cool to actually find it sitting on a store shelf next to other popular card games.

At Long Last, ScripTalk Mobile Now Available on iOS

After announcing it over a year and a half ago the ScripTalk Mobile prescription labeling app from En-Vision America is now available for iOS.

A New Feature makes the Amazon Echo Show More Useful for Blind Users

If you have an Amazon Echo Show, it now comes with a new trick that can help you identify products.

First Public Beta of JAWS 2020 Posted with Improved OCR, Form Control Handling, More

The first public beta of JAWS version 2020 has been posted. It's free for JAWS 2019users.

Latest Braille Blaster includes Graphics Support, LaTeX Math Features

The American Printing House for the Blind has released an update for its free Braille Blaster translation software which includes experimental support for braille graphics for some ViewPlus embossers.

#CSUNATC20 Opens It's Call For General Session Papers

The Center on Disabilities at California State University Northridge has opened the call for general session papers for the 2020 edition of its conference.

It's Back: WebAIM's Screen Reader Survey Number 8 Can Help Shape Industry Best Practices

Perhaps the most important access technology survey is back for another round, allowing screen reader users from across the world to sound off.


Rubik's Tactile Cube for $11.28 has the Rubik's Tactile Cube for $11.28. Shipping is free for Amazon prime members. This accessible version of the Rubik's Cube adds tactile shapes to each of the 6 sides, allowing you to solve the classic toy by touch.

#NFB19: Get a Shipt Grocery Delivery Membership for $49 a Year and Avoid Pesky Minibar Charges

We're big fans of Shipt, the grocery delivery service which is now available in most of the country. Now, you can get an annual membership for over half off, or just $49 by using this link.

Buy 1 Month of the Aira Intro Plan for $29, Get 3 Months Free; New Users Only

Remote assistance app Aira is offering 3 months of service for free on the Intro plan when purchasing the first month.

Planters nuts On Sale at Amazon

Amazon takes 20% off select Planters nuts via this clippable coupon. Even better, get an extra 5% off when you order via Subscribe & Save. Plus, these orders receive free shipping.

Papa John's Large 1-Topping Pizza for Free for Sprint customers

For Sprint customers only, Sprint offers a Papa John's Large 1-Topping Pizza for free when you download the My Sprint Rewards app for iOS or Android. (It's free to download and join. A promo code for the pizza will appear as a reward after you have downloaded and verified the app.) That's a savings of around $17 and a rare freebie from Papa John's.

20-Sachet Package Zest Tea High Caffeine Blend for $9.71 [Shipped]

Amazon offers the Zest Tea High Caffeine Blend 20-Sachet Package in several flavors for $9.71 with free shipping via the steps below. That's the lowest price we could find by $4. It purports to have as much caffeine as coffee. To get this deal: 1. Click the provided link. 2. Clip the 20% off coupon on the product page. 3. Order via Subscribe & Save for a final price of $9.71. Note: Be sure to cancel Subscribe & Save after your item arrives to avoid being billed for future shipments.

24-Pack RXBar Real Food 1.83-oz. Protein Bars for $31 [Shipped]

Amazon offers the RXBar Real Food 1.83-oz. Protein Bar 24-Pack in Peanut Butter for $41.34. Clip the on-page coupon and check out via Subscribe & Save to cut the price to $31. With free shipping, that's $10 less than you'd pay in local stores. Each bar contains 12g of protein. Note: Be sure to cancel your subscription after your order arrives to avoid being billed for subsequent shipments.

20-Pack Schick Xtreme3 Disposable Razors for $12.99 [Shipped]

Closeout Center via eBay offers the Schick Xtreme3 Disposables Razors 20-Pack in Refresh Scent for $12.99 with free shipping. That's the lowest price we could find by $11. Each razor features dual comfort strips, a rubber handle, and lubrication for a burn-free shave.


Blind Bargains Qast 198: Unfun Pizza Shell

BBQ 194 Was the last time we rolled through a proper news section. We thought it was time for it to emerge from the shadows this week. Plus, to continue with the idea of a traditional format show, J.J. demos the Blind Shell Phone. A tip, several emails in Sound Off and fun audio treats are waiting for you at the end of the episode. It s a return to yesteryear for the team in 198.

Blind Bargains Qast 197: The Haunted Pitch Black Audio Hub Show

Ghouls and ghosts will soon be taking to the streets in search of pre-wrapped delicious treats. The BBQ Crew has faced zombies Before and lived to tell the tale. However, will that be the same result for joe this time around? Listen in on an audio demo from him and one from Jesse Anderson's Illegally Sighted channel. Retreat to the safety of J.J. and David Ward as they discuss some Digital Assistant features for Google and Amazon respectively. Most importantly, put on a pair of earbuds or headphones or place your skull between some stereo speakers... Because this one is going to be frighteningly good!

Blind Bargains Qast 196: Nest Home Pixel Max

This show marks the 750th piece of audio content to arrive on the site. It also so happens to be the 9th year for J.J. and Joe to discuss Blindness related Google accessibility. That s why we thought it wild that this episode features our 2019 Made By Google event wrap up coverage. Trains, another grocery order and J.J. taking us out for a walk are some additional points of interest to notice along the route that is BBQ 196.

Blind Bargains Qast 195: The Emulation Interpolation

Oreos are amazing. Two solid cookies with something flavored in the middle. Think of this episode like an Oreo. This is the middle bit between two tech wrap up shows. Last week, in 194, we covered the Microsoft Surface event. And in 196 we ll cover the upcoming Google Hardware announcements. J.J. is traveling this week. Which left Joe to fly solo with this Features Format show. Just a word of warning, for those listening in on or near Google Assistant phones or devices the Google wake phrase gets used a lot this week.

Blind Bargains Qast 194: UberWoof Neo

This show comes to you a little later than usual because, to J.J.'s chagrin, we wanted to cover the Microsoft Surface event. Was it worth the wait or was joe wrong in thinking there was news to talk about? Well, Joe was wrong about something as you will see in "Sound Off". but the BBQ Crew was right about the future of pet transport as can be seen in the "Last Word". Catch a train while you wonder if we can get an episode recorded before J.J.'s groceries can arrive in episode 194.

Blind Bargains Qast 193: The EchoSystem

We were not sure we would have enough news to talk about this week. Then, thankfully, Amazon decided to announce a metric ton of stuff. This fits in perfectly with our topflight interview with the man himself at Top Dot, Dean Martineau. And we end the show with an all comment section filled "Sound Off", a new tip for Chrome along with food and an auditory odd link in the "Last Word".

Blind Bargains Qast 192: Rubber Tree Gum

Some things just fit into place when it comes to podcasting. Kind of like how you can easily snap together a pile of Legos into a nifty completed construction project. This week J.J. learns more about how to do just that with new accessible tools that will make him a Master Builder in no time with Matthew Shifrin , a consultant from Lego. There is also a ton of news, a few long time listeners in "Sound Off" and the "Last Word" is for the dogs. Look through your blocks for that elusive small blue two studded piece, it was just in our hands a minute ago we swear, while consuming BBQ 192.

Blind Bargains Qast 191: Slofies Access For All

Everyone knows the drill by now. Apple does a big event in September, new iPhones are announced, and tech podcasters gather together to talk about what the company did or didn't do with their new shiny iThings. Do three little letters mean a better iPhone? Is it time to upgrade or buy an Apple Watch? The Shelly Brisbin joins the BBQ Crew who goes over the event in their own way that you have come to expect some five years running.


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AirPods 2nd Generation & Power Beats Pro for sale. $100 & $150

I have a pair of gently used AirPods 2nd generation and gently used Power Beats Pro headphones that I am selling for $100 for the AirPods, and $150 for the Power Beats Pro. If interested please email me or give me a call.

Harp for the Holidays: Learn Lap Harp Package $85

Learn to play lap harp just in time for Christmas. You will receive the lap harp, also called zither or plucked psaltery, strung and ready to play. You'll also receive a tuning tool, a pick, and audio-only lessons. No print or Braille is required.

You will learn:
How to hold and tune the instrument
Various playing positions and techniques
Scales in C and G
How to play melodies
5 folk songs
5 Christmas songs
How to play chords

By the end of this course, you will know how to play 5 Christmas songs and 5 folk songs. You will also be able to pick out familiar melodies, and play chords with them if you choose.

$85 includes the instrument and accessories, shipping within the lower 48 United States, and audio lessons in mp3 format. These will be emailed to you after purchase. PayPal accepted.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email. I am a blind musician, and I designed these lessons specifically for the blind and visually impaired. I can also send sound samples on request.

Enjoy your holidays! And enjoy the satisfaction of playing a musical instrument for yourself and others!

Basic Braille 64, Active Star, HIMS Blaze ET and EZ Book Readers, sunu band and Buzz Clip

The below items are being sold as is, no trade in or payment plan offers please. Guaranteed to work as advertised or your money back. Accept Pay-Pal, Money orders and personal checks and the item will ship once the check has cleared. I have a Handy Tech Basic Braille 64 cell braille display in good cosmetic and working condition asking only $1500, sells new for $5700 supports both USB and Bluetooth connectivity and comes with cable and wall charger. Active Star 40 cell braille display with Active Tactile Control (ATC). The form factor of this product is similar to its predecessor the Braille Star 40 but is lighter weight and has the feature that allows you to have the device automatically scroll at your own speed because it senses the location of your fingers on the display. Asking $1995 for this device that sells new for $6790. There is a small crack on the front left of the housing which is strictly a cosmetic flaw with nowhere else for it to travel. Battery status reads as empty, yet I get several hours of battery life per charge and calibration doesn’t correct the matter; however, the braille cells and device itself work fine. Comes with Qwerty keyboard that attaches to the top of the device magnetically, AC charging adaptor, USB cable with 90 degree adaptor, Start Stick containing up-to-date manuals, software and drivers and carrying case with shoulder strap. HIMS Blaze ET and/or EZ book readers. Both are in perfect cosmetic and working condition and may be purchased separately or together at a discount. The Blaze ET is the more complex of the two and sells for $795 new, asking only $299. The EZ is the original, less complex version and sells new for $695. I’m asking only $249. I have one Premium Option Pack (POP) which includes an extra battery, charging cradle, OCR stand and remote. Sells new for $150 asking $75. Will throw in the POP free with the purchase of both Blaze products. Sunu Band. This is a very cool product that features an ever-growing list of indoor and outdoor navigation and motion sensing features, but I have only used it a couple of times so it is in like new condition. This product sells new for $299. I’m asking $225 which includes the cost of shipping. Finally, I just came across one of the original meddle Buzz Clips new in the box. You can either just use it as it is or contact the manufacturer and talk to them about getting some trade in value for the newer plastic version. These sell new for $299. I’m asking $75 shipped. If you would like the above listed Sunu band and this Buzz Clip, just tack on $25 to the cost of the Sunu Band and both are yours.

Microsoft Surface 3 with case $200.

Microsoft Surface 3 with 1.6 GHZ Intel Atom Processor, 4 gb ram, and 128 GB storage. Has 1 standard USB port, 1 micro USB charging port, a micro SD slot for extra storage (card not included), and Headphone jack. Unit comes with the latest version of windows 10 home, micro USB charging cable and plug, and a basic folio style case. Unit is in great shape. Asking $200.

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