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Audio Player #ACB15 Audio: Zoomtext Fusion and More from AI Squared

Shelly caught up with Dan Weirich to talk about the status of the new Zoomtext Fusion. that's the upcoming release that features the Screen Magnifier Zoomtext fused to the Screen Reader Window eyes. Windows 10 is right around the corner and Ai Squared is getting ready. tune in to hear about what is coming up up for those users who decide to install Windows 10 in the product's initial launch window. Also, for those mac users out there, Cam Reader is available for the Mac OS. It makes a great companion to Zoomtext for mac. lastly, learn more about how companies are adopting Site Cues for reaching those who don't use traditional forms of Assistive Technology. Learn more about these products and more by visiting the AI Squared website.

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