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Audio Player #SightVillage Audio: Tiger Tiger Brailling Bright With Sight And Sound

Asking what is new at Sight and Sound is one daunting question. But Dave asked Glenn Tookey that amazing queery. Hear about the latest from Freedom Scientific, HIMS and View Plus just to name a few. then learn about new products on the way like the Mobile Touch Map. From hardware to software, with all the training and support services in between, there really isn't much you can't find in the field of Assistive Technology that is not at Sight And sound. Visit their website, or call 01604798000

Coverage for Sight Village is generously sponsored by Hartgen Consultancy. From the computer novice to the power user, Hartgen Consultancy brings you top quality products, training and support. Find out about products and services, including Leasey, here!

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