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The CSUN fun continues. In this episode, we feature a couple of CSUN interviews which were not released earlier, answer some listener mail, and introduce a hot new product from a familiar spokesperson. We hope you join us for this jam-packed show.

CSUN Interviews

J.J. talks with a familiar voice, Duxbury's Neal Kuniansky, who talks about some of the latest features of Duxbury. And yes, the much anticipated Mac version is discussed.
Then, we are joined by Larry Skutchan who always seems to be up to some mischief. He tells us of a screen reader he's written for a popular computing platform.


Thanks as always for sending in your timely feedback.

First, a comment on our recent post of an iPhone 3GS Review:

Considering how much he talks about the iPhone being such a "sight to behold," I'm not quite sure how blind-friendly this article is. Still, there's some pretty neat cases out there that can turn the keyboard into something more tactile for blind folks out there, and I've even seen a few on sale with cash back. Maybe it's just be, but I feel like the lack of keyboard would make things so much more difficult. Could we get a few more blind testimonials in here?

An interesting comment indeed. It may take some time for this new style of phone to catch on, but we think it has a lot of potential. Personally, we love our Nokia 82's. Perhaps others, such as Google or Amazon will delve into this arena as well and release accessible phones as well.

Here's a comment on our recent Windows Messenger tip:

Good tip. However, all should switch to Miranda. It's even less bloated than WM, and supports multiple protocols.

We like Miranda a lot here as well, and expect it will be around for many years to come.

Sponsor: A New Service from Uber

Bringing you the latest in rideshare technology, Buddy Mays is back to tell us about a new service that is designed to offer comfortable transportation for your guide dog.

Thanks as always for listening and for your support. We're not done with CSUN yet. Stay tuned for our wrap-up show and much more in the days ahead.

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