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We ve spent a good bit of July hearing about the Exhibit Halls from both the NFB and ACB National Conventions here on BBQ. And we have done a few of those wrap-up shows in the past. But we ve not done one of those types of shows, or really any episode, live before. This show has everything Ride Hailing Apps, OCR, Notetakers, Braille Displays, a Tip, Sound Off and even a Last Word . Listen as Jeff Bishop, Byron Lee and Jeff Thompson from Blind Abilities join J.J. for this look at what was hot or not from the 2016 Summer Conventions.


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Sound Off?

Um, so this portion truly redefined the term audience participation . Byron roamed the room and took questions from our listeners. Questions about ZoomText Fusion, Macbooks, Windows 10 and Screen Magnification are some of the highlights from the Q&A section of the event.

Last Word:

There isn't a link to what Byron told us during this portion of the program. Well, other than you can visit the 4th floor of the Minneapolis Hyatt regency the next time you visit Minnesota.

Thanks again to HIMS, and all the Exhibitors, for being so gracious with their time when Chancey and Joe strolled by their booths. And a Hero s round of applause to Patrick for making it all sound good. We d be very lost without him at Home Base!

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