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Audio Player #CSUNATC17 Audio: Be my Eyes Nears One Million Available Eyes; Launching Updated App with New Features

Be My Eyes was one of the first of what we have commonly called crowd assistance apps and has expanded over the past two years to offer a network of hundreds of thousands of sighted volunteers helhelping tens of thousands of blind and visually impaired users. Alexander Hauerslev Jensen, who works with partnerships and business development for Be My Eyes, talks with Shelly about some of the latest developments with the app and what to expect in the next version for iOS and soon Android. The new app will let users request help with a specific specialty such as computers or cooking, add a rating system, and let volunteers select windows where they wish to be available among other features.

Blind Bargains audio coverage of CSUN 2017 is generously sponsored by the American Foundation for the Blind.

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