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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 96: And You'll Start Typing, 96 Keys

Rest your fingers on that home row, and get ready for another Blind Bargains Qast with variety. David Pinto of YesAccessible joins J.J. for part 1 of a demo of TypeAbility, a typing tutor program for the PC. We also demo the NutriBullet blender, include a Windows 10 cleanup tip, and talk music and smartthings in our last word.

In the News:

A Simple Guide to Accessibly Installing the Windows 10 Creators Update

Jaws 18's April Update Includes Google Docs and Office Enhancements, New Alva Braille Driver

South Korea First to Offer Braille Passports

Learning Ally Adds Another Link, Bringing Mobile App to Android Devices

Its over now... but keep an ear out for next year.
Place your Bids; Over 500 Items in The Seeing Eye's Annual Auction


J.J. has more audio to share from the CTEBVI conference near San Francisco. This time, it's part 1 of a demonstration of TypeAbility from YesAccessible. David Pinto has put a lot of thought into making a typing program sound fun and interesting, as you'll hear in this demo. Check out the link above to learn more or purchase the program.

Demo: NutriBullet blender

J.J. reviews this 600-watt powerhouse for making smoothies and other delicious drinks. You can get this beast on Amazon for under 80 bucks or check out the more powerful pro model for under $100.

Here are some recipes from Blendtec, many of which will work in less powerful blenders such as the NutriBullet.

Tip: Stop Hogging my Space

J.J. clears out over 18GB of space using a classic tool, Windows Disk Cleanup, much of which came from installing the Creators Update.

Sound Off:

Benjamin Moser starts us off:

Hey Folks
You asked about apps going away and replacements. Inote is the free currency recognition app from the US Bureau of Engraving. Here is a free replacement.
NantMobile Money Reader by IPPLEX

From Lydia Alverson:

Dear BBQ team,
I just finished listening to episode 95. When you mentioned using people's voice in blindness-related products, I had this thought. Wouldn't it fun to have your voice as one of the Voice Over voices, Joe? How about you, J.J.? Sorry, I'm just curious.
Anyway, keep up the great work.
P.S.. Hey, Patrick. I'd love to hear your voice on a talking watch someday.

I don't think we could pay Patrick enough to be the voice of a clock, but Ricky will actually be in a forthcoming A T Guys product, so stay tuned.

From the website, here's one from JEkis on our post office story from last week:

Unfortunately, the scanned images of the mail don't OCR Very Well at all. It might have improved since I tried it last month though. Keep in mind, you get images of all the mail sent to your address, not just what's addressed to you personally.

We'll definitely try this out once it's available in our area. Perhaps they need some accessibility love.

Last Word:

10 Second Songs, RHCP addition
The Everyday Smart Bra: Your Intuitive Wellness Coach

We'll revisit TypeAbility in a forthcoming podcast as well as talk about movies, games, and much more. Keep those cards and letters coming folks, and thanks for listening.

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