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Audio Player #ACB17 Audio: Humanware Hits The Highlights In Braille And Video Magnification

Mike Tindell was one of the busiest people in Sparks. Product demonstrations, mini tutorials on new devices and he may have even dealt a few hands of Blackjack down in the casino for all we know. Joe found Mike drinking a cup of coffee and decided that he might be able to coax a few words about what was new at Humanware out of him between sips. hear Mike talk about upcoming changes to the Braille note Touch, launch information about the Brailiant 14 and what's new with the recently released Connect Video Magnifier. Also, if you haven't heard it already, you can hear Joe and Greg Stilson discuss the new Victor Reader Trek in depth in our latest BB Qast Special. Remember you can order many of these products by contacting Humanware directly or by direct purchase from their website.

Sponsor: HIMS, Inc.
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