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The news is always the portion of the program we can never predict from week to week. Surprises are always welcome and this time is no exception. It is a good thing that Brian Fischler dropped by to give us a few chuckles and a primer on "Laugh For Sight" because it definitely adds some levity to the proceedings. We also have a tip, a brief "Sound Off" and a BBQ first in the "Last Word".

Program Note:

A beloved member of just about every part of the Blindness Community passed away recently. Chris @toonhead Skarstad was one of those unique people you rarely encounter in life. He had the uncanny ability to provide a supportive comment, a kind message or a well thought out constructive remark for just about any situation. We will miss you greatly and so will others as demonstrated by this moving thread over at Apple Vis. RIP Toony...
Sad news to report

In The News:

Breaking: Germany's BAUM Retec AG Files for Bankruptcy Protection as it Restructures, BAUM USA Still Open

The next three news links cover a few sides of the Firefox and Screen Reader support conversation that erupted this past week. We touched on this some back when ZoomText covered it in their 11.6 update. However, more took notice when the dedicated Screen Reader blogs made their support announcements.

n-Process Halloween 2017: Firefox 57, Windows Fall Creaters Update, Australian NDIS and more

Important information for users of Mozilla Firefox

Rethinking Web Accessibility On Windows

As stated in this episode, and to give greater context to why Mozilla is making changes, these four mainstream articles may shed light on the uphill battle Firefox faces in the near future.

The Web began dying in 2014, here's how

Inside Mozilla's Fight To Make Firefox Relevant Again

Firefox takes a bite out of the canvas super cookie

Firefox to get a better password manager

Firefox 57 Will Hide Search Bar and Use a Uni-Bar Approach, Like Chrome

Remember, to avoid any issues, follow the steps outlined in the Screen Reader blogs before November 13th. Or, do it now while you are listening to the show. We'll understand.

SuperNova 16.06 Fixes more than a Dozen Bugs

Dolphin releases Easy Reader for Android

TalkBack 6.1 Beta Adds Quick Language Switching, Enhanced Navigation in Native Apps

Apple Releases iOS 11.1; Bringing a Number of Fixes and Enhancements for Blind and Low vision users

Apple Releases Software Updates for the Mac, Apple Watch and Apple TV

Shout out to Dean Martineau for compiling the Windows Screen Reader Keystroke Compendium: You can find it at National Braille Press' site.

One International Airline Now Offers Boarding Passes in Braille

Interview: Brian Fishler And "Laugh For Sight!

Brian Fischler, who you might know as one of the hosts from "That Blind Tech Show", is hard at work in putting together the finishing touch on this year's Laugh For Sight" event. For more than a decade, with the assistance of the Gotham Comedy Club, "Laugh For Sight" has brought together Comedians for a gala night of jokes to raise funds for vision loss research. This year's outing is going to have a silent auction, some amazing sponsorships and of course wall to wall humor. If you are in the New York area, grab your tickets now. Or, if you are interested in the $20 deal Brian mentioned on the show, email him at
Be sure to add "Laugh For Sight" to your bookmarks to stay up to date on the latest from this funny organization.

Tip: Start Your Holiday Tech Support Prep

Fans of this show probably end up being popular during the holidays as their families just might wrangle them into providing free tech support. Well, if you are lucky, they'll feed you first and then ask you to fix stuff. At any rate, you may find yourself having to troubleshoot the new Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. To verify if the computer in front of you has the latest version of Windows 10, venture to Settings then System and move to the About section. This panel will let you know the version of Windows 10 installed. You are hoping it says 1709 as that means you are looking at the Fall Creators Update rather than an older version. Also, don't forget to journey to the Windows Store and make sure those apps are up to date as well. This by no means will solve all your problems, however, it may provide you with the needed progress bars for the consumption of dessert.

Sound Off:

Mary Emerson left this insight for us in the episode 119 Comments Section;

Hi, You were talking about grocery delivery services. I've been using Safeway since March 2002; they've been wonderful! Sometimes I get items I didn't order, and sometimes other people get my stuff, but I've accepted that as part of the process; nobody's perfect, and we all make mistakes occasionally. I get reimbursed for missing items. Sometimes there are some good deals if you shop online. Thanks for a great show! from Mary Emerson

Joe notes that the recent updates to the Harris Teeter app for iOS broke VO support in all sorts of ways. The chain recently dropped out of the Instacart list and this leaves the website as the only means for browsing and ordering things for delivery. He has already contacted HT and provided some resources, however, all this meant was that he and Ricky will use other stores over HT while they work back in Voiceover support.

If you have a local grocery chain app, either iOS or Android based, that you find easy to use... let us know via social media, in the comments below or drop us a line and we will share that information on an upcoming episode.

Last Word:

Great minds think alike? J.J. and Joe picked the same story for the very first time!
Google CEO says he will drop everything to address burger emoji scandal
Here's How You Should Assemble Your Hamburger, Emoji Be Damned

So, meat on the bottom bun? Cheese in the middle? What is the proper way to dress up a burger? let us know as we want to hear the wisdom of the crowds on this one.

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