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It s springtime, and the Blind Bargains crew is back from CSUN. We settle in for a regularish-format show, with all the segments you love to love. JJ and Joe may sound a little different this week. We blame it on reprocessed airplane air and onion rings; two things found in abundance last week in San Diego.

Sponsor: HAMS. Because this is a day when many people eat them.

Breaking News:

We cover dots, driving, and delicious desserts. So, pretty much like any other episode of Blind Bargains Qast. Be sure to participate in the survey of the week if you qualify.

Interview: Shelly Shills For Her Book

Show regular Shelly comes on to justify her ongoing relationship with Apple products. If you re tired of hearing about that book of hers, think how we feel!

Sponsor: HEMS. Your laundry should look its best. Now there s an app for that.

Tip: Shower Me With your Phone

J.J. offers some really practical advice that no one should ignore. Trust us. This tip could save you a lot of money.

Sponsor: HUMS. Knowing the words to karaoke songs is over-rated. Just get in there and make some sounds that approximate the syllables. No one s actually listening to you anyway.

Sound Off:

You must all have been at CSUN, too, because there s only one letter in the mailbag this week. Fortunately, it s chock full of Braille.

The Last Word:

Mmm, Oreos. Wait, Who said that? Is there a doctor in the house?
Disclaimer: This episode was made by most of the usual Blind Bargains crew. It s just that they took on different jobs this week. Don t blame Joe. We gave him the week off. Do blame Shelly, who writes things for a living, sometimes including scripts. Also blame JJ, Shelly and Ricky, who experienced identity crises to varying degrees. And last but not least, blame Patrick for putting it all together, like he does.

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