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Audio Player Blind Bargains Qast 166: Talking Shields

We re a little light on news this week and we decided to pivot over to doing some demos of stuff we have on hand. Hear Joe talk about talking TVs, and J.J. jumps in with a look at an entertainment device. Don t worry as both have speech on board and there are several wild audio clips to keep things interesting.

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Demonstration: Visio 55 P FN

Joe provides some tips for buying a big screen TV beyond the age old question: does it talk? . Hear suggestions about4k, where to place the TV and the importance of a sound bar with some modern sets having thinner profiles with even thinner speakers as a result. Then he takes us on a tour of the 2018 Visio 55 P that mysteriously arrived from a good deal on the Black Friday weekend. It just so happened to have Talkback on it, unbeknownst to him at the time of purchase, and it surprisingly reads a lot of information from video sources like YouTube TV and his PlayStation 4 Pro.

Demonstration: NVIDIA Shield TV

The NVIDIA Shield TV is a popular premier Android TV settop solution for those considering cord cutting or an alternative to their traditional cable box. J.J. walks us through a description of the remote and the physical box itself. He then gives us a look at the speech, menus and UI for the device. Is the Shield a better option than a Chromecast and Google Home array? Listen in to find out.

Next week, well, we aren t sure just yet. That could be a good thing or a dangerous one. We ll all find out together when the BBQ returns for episode 167.

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