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We're gearing up for the big Apple event on September 10th which undoubtedly will contain lots of hardware, software and TV announcements.
The need for greater focus on all things Apple park has placed the BBQ Crew into "Research Mode" as a result of this impending Innovation presentation. It also means it provides us a great opportunity to trot out the "Features" format for this episode. Join us as J.J. deep dives into Voice View, David Ward returns with a look at the Guard Mode for Echo and Joe missed the memo about Amazon things but shows off his spiffy new USB C dock. Fire, Echoes and a cube await you on BBQ 190.

Voice View For Fire OS

J.J. takes us on a whirlwind tour of the Voice View basics with a nod to the pros and cons of using the Amazon screen reader within the Fire's native as well as third-party apps. Additionally, we get a look at his Netflix and Prime Video playlists. To learn more about Voice View, including the compatible devices it works with, visit the Amazon Accessibility page

Amazon Echo Guard Mode

David Ward, from the Echo Tips podcast, is back to inform us about how the Echo's new Guard Mode can work for protecting your home. There are a few ways to access the information it records. So be sure to note the steps he takes in the Alexa app during this demo.

Plugable Cube USB C Dock

Joe, Ricky and Lisa have all raved about their Surface Go devices during the summer. But one of the downsides to the small Windows hybrid is the fact that it has only one USB C port. The pluggable Cube is a dock that contains an Ethernet port, HDMI and three USB slots in a very small box. The tiny size means it can fit in many a tech bag. And it can even charge the Surface Go in a pinch or if you forgot the proprietary adaptor. Joe notes that it is a perfect companion to the plugable Keyboard that we have available at A.T. Guys

Shelly hops on board to discuss Apple stuff for 191. If the leaks and rumors are true, we think they will be releasing a new watch and a phone... or three phones. Tune in to hear the BBQ Crew break it all down in what annually ends up being one of our top five most listened to episodes of the year.

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