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This week J.J. sits down to talk with the makers of "Blind Love", a new documentary about dating in the modern age. Tune in to hear about the genesis of the documentary, what it was like to catch it on camera and some key details about the film now that it is completed. Tune in to hear stories from the four prospective romancers, and the film's Director, about what it was like to navigate the dating scene.

A word of warning for the show this week. This episode has some frank discussions of dating and romance and strong language. We wanted to allow the participants to be candid with their experiences, which may not be suitable for younger ears.

You can watch Blind Love on YouTube
Also, Blind Love is available on YouTube with Video Description

To learn more about the film, visit Blind Love on Facebook
Or, Blind Love on Instagram

To learn more about Patty Zagarella, Director of the project, visit this page

And you can follow the subjects of the documentary through their social media

Joni Martinez on Facebook
Twitter: JoniMZ86

Simon Isakov on Facebook

Solomon O'leary on Facebook

Mario Bonds on Facebook

Next week, in episode 207, we sum up ATIA and discuss a whole lot of A.T. news.

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