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Apple filmed their annual keynote for WWDC in Apple Park, not in front of a live studio audience, where many upcoming changes were announced for software and hardware. J.J., taking time out from gathering requests for Orbit Writer Braille Keyboard Smartphone Companion Preorders, and Joe, trying to steal back the PS4 controller from Ricky so he can play the Blind friendly The Last Of Us 2 , asked Jamie Pauls, who was editing a new episode of the Eyes Free Sports Podcast , to join them in this summary of the event s big news. Expect there to be info dumps a plenty as this is a wrap up show after all. And be sure to learn more about what was discussed in the copious pile of links down below.

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WWDC 2020: the iPadification of the Mac is coming, no touchscreen required
Accessibility design for Mac Catalyst
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Developers must opt out if they don't want their iOS apps on Mac
Messages looks different yet familiar in macOS Big Sur
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Here s what s happening to Boot Camp amid the Apple silicon transition
Apple s new ARM-based Macs won t support Windows through Boot Camp
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Apple's new tools can help developers port Chrome extensions to Safari
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What's new in HomeKit in iOS 14
DOJ 'taking the first steps towards' Apple antitrust probe in the U.S
Department of Justice Takes Hard Look at Apple's 30% Tax
Apple approves Hey email app, but the fight s not over
Hey founder on Apple's app approval process following fee backlash
Hey opens its email service to everyone as Apple approves its app for good
The App Store is coming under increased scrutiny in U.S. antitrust probe
Apple will soon let developers challenge App Store rules
Comment: This week s keynote quietly tackled five of Apple s antitrust issues
Apple Just Castrated The IDFA, Sending An $80 Billion Industry Into Upheaval
Apple's new Find My accessory program goes beyond iPhones and tracking fobs
Fleetsmith customers unhappy with loss of third-party app support after Apple acquisition
Gaming on Apple platforms is set for some big changes here are a few
Five of the best new features coming to Siri
Launch Google Assistant on Your iPhone as Quickly as Siri
You Can Saddle Up Your Mac Pro For $400 but You Still Can't Ride It

Sound Off:

Here is a couple of comments from Twitter captured from our BBQ feed during recording.

From the event itself? Home screen widgets are cool. Running iOS apps on a Mac might be if they give more care to the platform's accessibility as a hole. What excites me more is the stuff that was revealed later. Stereo recording on iPhones, the watch getting rotor and Braille...

Not being able to run VM s on their new CPU s is going to be a major productivity killer for me. I hope Apple will finally put serious resources into improving Mac VoiceOver. It s way overdue.

Last Word:

Shout outs to our friends over at ACB Main Menu for turning 20 years old. Check out their earlier festivities commemorating this milestone over at the Main Menu Archive

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