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Television Takes Another Shot At Featuring a Blind Character: Growing Up Fisher Premiers This Sunday

Back in the fall I read about a new series on NBC that would feature a blind character. The show, which we now know is called Growing Up Fisher, is about a families transition through divorce. What makes this show different is that the dad is a blind lawyer. According to an article in Studio System news , the show is based on the childhood of the main writer DJ Nash. His goal was to write about what it was like to have a blind dad and experience his parents going through a divorce.

After waiting for months to find out when the show would be airing, it was recently announced that the show would premier after the closing ceremonies of the olympics which is this Sunday. To see the premier though, you'll have to stay up until 10:30. If you miss the premier, you can watch the show on Tuesdays at 9:30 on NBC. To get a feel for what the show is like, check out the videos on the Growing Up Fisher Youtube page.

There have been a number of shows that have featured blind characters. In all cases that I'm aware of, none of these characters have been played by blind actors. Growing Up Fisher is no different. This show also adds in the complexity that the character is a guide dog user. So now, the writers are left with the task of not only portraying the blind community accurately, but how to use a guide dog. It is my sincere hope that Mel Fisher will be a character that will be a positive contribution to our community and show viewers that people who are blind are capable of doing anything they choose.

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For the past three years Alena has been a feature writer for the online magazine Matilda Ziegler. She has also been a contractor for the Oregon Commission for the Blind, helping blind adults learn to use adaptive technology. She is studying to be a teacher of the visually impaired at Portland State. You might also recognize her from the Serotalk podcast Triple Click Home.

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