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Meet NeoBraille, A new Android Based Notetaker being Demonstrated at #CSUN16

Scott Davert Wednesday, 16-Mar-2016 1:46 PM ET

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NeoAccess, one of the exhibitors planning to show off their technology at the CSUN conference next week is debuting a product called the NeoBraille Notetaker. According to this blog from Irie-AT, the company who will be the U.S. distributor, the device will have a 2.1 GHZ processor, run on Android, and will also offer some sort of auto-scrolling feature. The post goes on to state that the NeoBraille will include many other apps that traditional notetaker does not have. Among the new features are built-in LTE, and ways to interact with braille cells to do things such as edit and copy text.
The unit will include a 32-cell braille display, 3GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a MicroSD slot, Mini HDMI port, 2 USB 2.0 ports, 1 USB 3.0 port, and stereo speakers.
The notetaker is listed on Irie-AT's online store for $4,995 plus shipping. Stay tuned for further details from the BlindBargains crew who will be attending CSUN.

Source: Irie-AT
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darknexus Wednesday, 16-Mar-2016 2:52 PM ET:

I would have thought this market would be saturated by now. The states buy the familiar names, and the individuals buy phones, tablets, and possibly a Braille display to pair with them and save money in the process. Other than state agencies, who buys these things?

Brooke Friday, 18-Mar-2016 10:55 AM ET:

For the most part, it's only state agencies that can afford to buy them. If the price tag was more reasonable, I'd love to own this one; but I don't have $5000 laying around.

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