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Blind Bargains Qast 115: Thoughts Of Seeing AI Dog

The new iOS 11 is live and ready to download. Jamie Pauls
and Scott Davert
return to talk about the perils and pitfalls for those who want to install that shiny new OS on their IDevices. We'll also catch up on the news, check in with "Sound Off" and enjoy some Dog Feelings in the "Last Word".

Sponsor: Humanware

This episode is brought to you by Humanware. Last year Humanware partnered with Google to launch the BrailleNote Touch, the world's first and only Google Certified braille tablet.
The BrailleNote Touch combines the simplicity and efficiency of the well-known KeySoft user experience, with the power and openness of a mainstream tablet.
Use the familiar KeySoft apps to accomplish your daily tasks of document creation, email, or internet browsing, while downloading any accessible app from the Google PlayStore. Once downloaded, KeySoft ensures those apps are efficient to use with braille. If you don't want to type on the Touch's included physical keyboard, you can type completely scilently on its touch screen using the innovative TouchBraille typing system. With school starting back up, use KeyMath in your math classes, the all in one system which allows braille math to be converted to perfect looking print math in real time. And if you have not updated your Touch to version 4, it is live and waiting for you in the KeyUpdater app.
The BrailleNote Touch, The future is so close, you can touch it.
Learn more about the BrailleNote Touch or any of Humanware's products by visiting or by calling 800.722.3393.
You can also watch any of the several BrailleNote Touch Snapshot videos done by Humanware by visiting their YouTube channel at

In The News:

California Joins New York in Offering Free Bookshare Memberships for Qualified Residents

Catching Up: Try Out the JAWS 19, ur 2018 Public Beta

Freedom Scientific adds another jewel to the collection with the release of another 7 inch Ruby Handheld Video Magnifier

Redbox Kiosks May Become More Accessible after Prolonged Legal Battle

Project Management App Asana Gains VoiceOver Support with Latest Update

From Inclusive Android, Poll On Audio Experience and Talkback

Paid Racing Game Accessibility Research from Columbia University in New York

Discussion Topic: iOS 11

Jamie and Scott are back to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly of iOS 11. To learn more about the new update, and decide if you should jump in the deep end or just hang out in the pool side lounge chairs, read the links below for more information.

To update or not to Update to iOS 11; Braille Users May Want to Wait According to AppleVis

Apple Releases iOS 11; Bringing a Range of Enhancements and New Features

What's New in iOS 11 Accessibility for Blind, Low Vision and Deaf-Blind Users

The Accessibility Bugs in iOS 11 for Blind and Low Vision Users; From Serious To Minor

Here s Why You Should Wait to Download iOS 11

Apple Releases New iPad Pro Tutorial Videos Covering iOS 11 Features

iOS 11 on the iPhone 5S: Slower, but not quite slow

Some iOS 11 issues show early adoption pitfalls, others are just growing pains

Older 32-Bit Apps Will Not Work With iOS 11

Can t send email on iOS 11? Apple working on fix for and Exchange mail accounts

Turning Off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in iOS 11's Control Center Doesn t Actually Turn Off Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

iOS 11, thoroughly reviewed

Picture This, or Maybe Not: a Review of the New Image Description Feature in iOS 11

iOS 11: The MacStories Review

iOS 11 review: 99 hits, 1 miss

Is Apple Still Detail Oriented?

How to downgrade your iPhone or iPad from iOS 11

Sound Off:

We start with an email from Juan...

"Hello blind bargains,

I continue to enjoy your podcast, and your honest opinions. Of what technology has in store for us blind individuals. I too am not too impressed with the changes of the iPhone, but let's face it, Apple is going after the market for people who use android phones, as there are so many that use them. It started with the 6+ phones with their bigger screen, and now the screen with no buttons. I still don't like the no regular head phone feature. Also, you guys mentioned that you wouldn't like the phone charging on a table, but many students at Sac State regularly. Leave their phones on tables while they are eating or studying. In addition, Scott mentioned that he uses his phone with a braille display, but I'd like to know how that experience is for him, as I too have a braille display but find myself listening to the speech, because the braille doesn't keep up, and also, find myself touching the screen to navigate around like tapping the bottom for the doc icons, and the top for my essages. Scott, how do you do it?
Also, with the new Braille note takers that run on android I'd like to know if they are considerable substitutes for heavy laptops; on those long days . I mean does the internet work on university wifi networks, and can you actually go on the school websites? Also, when writing on these note takers, can you format documents correctly? Anyway, could either Jamie or Scott, or anyone do reviews on the Humanware Braille Note Touch, and the Hims Polaris?

Thank you


Juan Manuel Avila "

Several of our CSUN17 and Summer Convention interviews speak about Notetakers and how they operate in the classroom. It is a major priority for most of the AT Industry at the moment as Education is seen as the new battlefield for winning over students and Education Staff alike. But remember, a web portal can be awful for any device if it is coded badly or if it requires a visual click on a box to enter its network. That means you don't know until you encounter it. As Joe noted this happened in Reno at ACB for a lot of convention goers.

Next, from Josh, an aspect of gaming we didn't cover a few weeks ago.

"You forgot to mention flight simulator games such as euroFly and microsoft flight simulator x."

This is true, but unlike Pokemon, we can't catch them all. We'll see if we can wrangle up a few pilots for a talk about this when we come back to another round of gaming talk.

Last Word:

Optimism shines in this week's look at the wild world of the web.
Thoughts Of Dog On Twitter
Processing (Seeing AI remix) by Ghorthalon

Shelly returns in BBQ 116 to talk about iPhones, Apple TVs and Apple Watches. Tune in to hear our thoughts on the new hardware releases.

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Joe Steinkamp is no stranger to the world of technology, having been a user of video magnification and blindness related electronic devices since 1979. Joe has worked in radio, retail management and Vocational Rehabilitation for blind and low vision individuals in Texas. He has been writing about the A.T. Industry for 15 years and podcasting about it for almost a decade.

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