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Cash In with $1 Off Uber, $10 for Signing Up, Other Online Deals with the Free Ibotta App

If you are a frequent Uber user or enjoy getting money back for shopping, the Ibotta app may be worth a look, and now you can get a $10 bonus for trying it out.
Here's how it works in their own words:

Ibotta is a free app that pays you cash for everyday purchases. Ditch the coupons and get cash back the fun and easy way. Ibotta has exclusive offers at your favorite grocery stores, retailers and shops. No more searching around for offers, coupons or discount codes - find the best deals every time you shop with Ibotta.
At this point, we've cashed in on the Uber promotion which they run from time to time which gives $1 every time you take a ride. Those dollars can add up if you are a frequent user.

How to get Free Money from Ibotta

  1. Sign up. You can use this referral link which will give you $10 just for signing up and claiming your first rebate.
  2. Download the Ibotta app for iOS or Android. While you can browse for deals on their website, you can only claim them using one of the apps.
  3. Once you've downloaded the app, open it and log in using the account you've created. Now you can search for deals.
  4. If you use Uber, the deal you may be most interested in is the $1 off a rie. You can use this deal multiple times. Look for the $1 off Uber link in the app. It's often on the main screen, but if it is not, you may need to dig down a couple of pages or search for it.
  5. Select the Shop button to activate the deal. You will be asked to link your Uber account the first time you do this so they can verify that you did indeed take a ride. Once you do this, you will be in the Uber app and can set up your ride as normal.
  6. That's it. Shortly after the ride, the rebate will be added to your account.
  7. You can get rebates for shopping at other online stores using the same method.

    Cashing Out

    To redeem your earnings, you will need to rack up at least $20 in rebates. Remember you'll get $10 just for signing up and getting your first rebate. To do this, open the app menu and select account. From there you can redeem your cash via PayPal or Venmo or for a gift card at a place such as Amazon. Personally, I'd just take the cash since you don't get any additional value for choosing a gift card.

    Things to Note

    To get the $10 bonus, you will need to redeem one of the offers in the app that is not a brand or receipt offer. There are some offers in the app which involve you uploading a picture of a receipt to get a deal. These do not count for the referral bonus, and we have not tested the accessibility of this feature.
    The apps are a bit clunky with some unlabled items, but usable. The home screen will show the latest deals available along with a menu button which can be expanded to show your offers, history, or your account among other things. Naturally, you can also refer your friends and get bonus for referring them.
    Free money is generally a good thing, and the Ibotta app is another way to get some. have you tried Ibotta? Leave your observations in the comments.

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cyclops22 Monday, 27-Nov-2017 12:52 AM ET:

Hello, if using the iOS app, the easiest way to find the tabs for home, redeem, active rebates, and account if to place your finger on the redeem, button, located just at the top of the home button of the iPhone 8 and below. From there, you cafjqyfgqn flick right to go through the tabs. These will be just text to VoiceOver. I don't have an iPhone X, but if you have trouble with located the redeem button, another way of located these tabs is to place four fingers at the bottom of the screen. You should hear account, if you do not, do a four finger tap again. Once you hear account, you can flick left to go through the tabs. Finding the account tab is much needed as this is where your money cashout button is. I've been using Ibotta for almost wo years now, and this has not changed. redeeming things that need a picture as proof has gotten a little easier, as the app does OCR now, so you know to some degree if you've gotten a clear picture. For longer texts, the app lets you take more than one picture per submition. My android phone is very slow and sluggush thse days, so I am sorry i can't be of more help to the Android croud. If there is more intrest in this app, please contact me on twitter. Otherwise I can right more of a guide when I have access to a spell-checker. Please feel free to use my referal link.

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