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Games For Everybody creates accessible Let's Play's for the visually impaired community

Matt Sharp, a long time gamer and Youtube personality, runs a channel called Games for Everybody/audio described gaming, wherein he plays numerous mainstream games from various genres. While this is nothing new on YouTube, Matt's channel offers a unique twist. While playing, he describes the games for a visually impaired audience as he plays, reading the text of games aloud and describing the physical environment of the game.

Matt has been gaming from a very young age, beginning with games for windows 3.1 at age 5,, acquiring a Game boy around age 8, and receiving his first console, a Sega Genesis, at 10.

He started a YouTube blog several years ago, and in seeking to spread the word about that channel, he met a visually impaired individual who lamented their inability to enjoy mainstream games as they used to. Matt had been looking for something to set his channel apart from the numerous other gaming channels which existed on Youtube, and with this idea, he had found his niche.

Based on the feedback he received from his audience, he has refined his description to find a level of detail which satisfies most people, though he is always open to feedback from his audience. He says that he is fortunate in that over 90% of his comments have been either good or constructive, and takes it upon himself to read each one. He prefers voice-acted games, and action-packed games, so as to have a lot to describe.

While he doesn't promise to take requests, he chooses games based on user interest and his own gaming preferences. So far, he has described Undertale, Chrono Trigger, Strong Bad's Cool Game, Kingdom Hearts, The Journeyman Project, Final Fantasy 8, King's Quest 2015, Brutal Legend, Banjo-Kazooie, The Last Door, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Valkyria Chronicles, Democracy 3, Doki Doki Literature Club, Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, and Sonic Mania. He also has a number of videos related to cooking , as well as a few of himself playing games traditionally played by the visually impaired, such as Alter Aeon and Rs Games. In the future, he plans to work on Subnautica, the graphical version of a Hero's Call (once released), and an undisclosed LP which is nearly completed.

He can be reached on youTube at at Audio Described Gaming, and on Twitter @audiodescgames

Special thanks to Matt for answering my twitter interview questions.

Source: Audio Described Gaming on Youtube
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