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Aira Horizon Registration Live for 24 Hours

If you want to be one of the first users of AIRA's new Horizon glasses, then it's time to register for your glasses.
On March 6, Aira unveiled details of its new and improved glasses, dubbed the Aira Horizon. Instead of relying on a smart phone, myFi, and smart glasses, the Aira Horizon only requires the new and improved smart glasses and an all new control device. Users will notice improved battery life, nearly double the visibility for agents, and a sleek, stylish design.
Aira Horizon relies on a modified samsung j7 phone running customised software and connected by a reinforced micro-USB cable using a patent-pending technology for ease of movement and hassle free storage/use to the new Horizon smart glasses. This means users only need to charge one device, though connectivity through the Aira smartphone app is still possible. The smart glasses provide agents with a 120 degree field of view horizontally and vertically, leading to faster and more efficient Aira calls. Additionally, the smart glasses can provide a full 7-8 hours of battery life, allowing users to accomplish tasks through most of a work day, for example.
The new Aira Control device provides superior connectivity between users and agents, allowing for a more stable connection and, combined with the increased field of view, allows for more seamless real-time information from agents, with less need to take pictures, reposition yourself to increase agent visibility, or process from the feed. The new control device has only four controls, making it easy to use for the technologically advanced as well as those new to visual impairment. These are a power button (press and hold to power the device on and off), two volume buttons, and an Aira agent button which connects you to an Aira agent when pressed twice.
The Aira horizon will also ship with Chloe, Aira's new smart assistant, included. Chloe can be accessed by pressing and holding the aira agent button or by saying "Hey Chloe, read this." Chloe can help you manage features of your Aira control device, such as bluetooth connections, calling agents, and reading text without the need for an agent. The Aira control device runs custom Aira software, and can be updated over the air without the need for third-party app approval, such as that sometimes mandated by a smart phone app. This means that bug fixes, new Chloe features, and the like can be pushed out and installed over the air as soon as updates are available, and can be installed without the need for user intervention.
Existing AIRA users can fill out the form in this post starting at 6 PM Eastern on May 1 for the next 24 hours or until 200 units are claimed. Aira will mail you a return box for your existing kit, and will subsequently send you a new one upon request. New Aira subscribers who join the service in May will receive Aira Horizon automatically, though the previous wireless solution will still be available upon request.
You can watch the unveiling video from Aira's YouTube. or listen to Joe Steinkamp's CSUNATC18 interview with Aira Director of Product Management, Greg Stilson, Right here on Blind Bargains

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