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New aira news and monthly Aira agent Promos

Starting this month, users will receive a random promo each month on a topic voted on by Aira agents. Read on to find out more about the first promo and how to find out about new monthly promos.

Users will be able to use up to 30 minutes free once a day on tasks related to the promo. Starting March 31, the first promo goes into effect. Users will be able to perform tasks related to spring cleaning.

According to Aira's announcement:

Do you need help organizing your pantry, closet, computer or garage? Identify those cleaning products and toss out expired items. Even clean that winter debris from your yard or garden.

Access the free promo by double tapping the "apply a free access offer" button in the home screen of the Aira app. Then, double tap on "promotions" and swipe right until you get to "agent voted promo-spring cleaning." You can either double tap or swipe down to apply the offer.

In addition to this monthly spring cleaning promo, Aira has introduced several new promos in the past several months. You can now complete tasks relating to scheduling or booking your COVID-19 vaccine or navigating the vaccination site, navigating Starbucks stores, websites, and apps, job seeking or small business tasks, demonstrating Aira to friends, and navigating the Shedd aquarium web site. Most of these promos provide 30 minutes of access, but check the Aira app or speak to an agent for more specific details.

Agents will vote on a new promo once a month, and users will be able to see the latest promo on the first Wednesday of each month.

Source: Introducing our agent-voted promos- Aira
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