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Five Twitter Games to Waste your Time, Challenge your Brain

Plenty of creative uses for Twitter have emerged over the past year. One of the most creative, perhaps, is the use of bots to create customized games on Twitter. Here's five that we found to entertain, amuse, and perhaps lower your productivity. Got a favorite Twitter game? Post it in the comments.

1. Tweetstones

Direct from Sean Randall comes this version of the classic thinking game, where you must remove the last stone to win. Three piles of stones are laid down, and you and your Twitter adversary take turns removing them from the pile. It's all done via direct messages, and the winner is posted to the @tweetstones twitter account.

2. Twitbrain

Do you enjoy answering math problems in your spare time so you can show off to your online friends? Well I certainly don't, but if you're not like me, you may like Twitbrain. What is 311 plus 75 plus 88? Tweet the correct answer to the @twitbrain Twitter account to win, well, points. The problems are usually answered pretty fast, so someone must like it.

3. Beat-My-Tweet

Perhaps words is more your thing. Beat-My-Tweet is perhaps a bit more challenging. Every half hour, a new word or phrase is posted to the @BeatMyTweet Twitter account for you to unscramble. Win points for being the first to unscramble the word or phrase, and perhaps see your name on the leaderboard.

4. The Daily Trivia Quiz

There's nothing like a fun game of trivia. This one could actually win you real prizes, as answering the daily question correctly gets you an entry into a prize draw on the company's website. Follow @trwivia to play.

5. Artwiculate

Perhaps one of the most educating and interesting games we found on Twitter is this "word of the day" program. Each day, a word is given, for instance, Evanescent. Then, just use the word in a sentence in one of your tweets. Users can go to the website to vote on their favorites, and the most popular word wins. Follow @artwiculate on Twitter to see the latest words and make it on the leaderboard.

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Ron Graham Monday, 14-Dec-2009 11:54 AM ET:

Thanks for these. I had no idea these even existed!

reevesman Monday, 14-Dec-2009 12:37 PM ET:

Oh man. I am so on these. Well, you won't see another album for about 3 more years because of this. Thanks.

marrie Monday, 14-Dec-2009 6:39 PM ET:

Oh wow neeto! i might try some of these at some point. Heck I might just make a sfeprate account for games and fun stuff.

Jeff.young Monday, 14-Dec-2009 7:51 PM ET:

Thanks a lot guys for posting these during finals week, not! :)

TheExtreme Monday, 14-Dec-2009 9:03 PM ET:

Very interesting. Here's an interesting game I found. It's called WhoseTweet. Basically you are presented with tweets from your friends and you have to guess who's tweet it is from. I have yet to try it.

VickyC Tuesday, 15-Dec-2009 1:54 PM ET:

Thanks so much for posting these! I like the Beat-My-Tweet. I may give a couple of the others a try also.

circulating Tuesday, 15-Dec-2009 4:06 PM ET:

and just who needs another way to spend time on twitter...?? we all do...!! lol

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