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Humanware Releases Victor Stream 3.1

Humanware has released version 3.1 for their Victor Stream audio book player. This new version adds support for nested folders within the DAISY bookshelf, support for the spanish electronic braile format, and it is now possible to copy DAISY books from USB flash media to the stream. Note that the promised support for books in the EPUB format is not in this release. Version 3.1 is a free update for existing Victor Stream customers.

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Jeff.young Thursday, 18-Feb-2010 4:36 PM ET:

They haven't released an update in almost a year, and this is what we get? Come on. And then the rumor of a payed upgrade. I'm going to the bookport plus when I can afford it. Humanware is becoming more like freedom scientific everyday in my opinion, and that is not a good thing.

darknexus Friday, 19-Feb-2010 05:05 AM ET:

@Jeff.young: Agree about Humanware, but how can you be sure you'd go to a device that isn't even out yet? And remember, the paid upgrade *is* still a rumor at this point. Still, Oratio and now this? The one good thing is that Humanware won't be able to rest at the top the way Freedom Science Fiction has been able to for years. If they don't really start shaking the ground, it'll get pulled out from under them.

Jeff.young Friday, 19-Feb-2010 5:19 PM ET:

I'm not completely sure, but I had the orrigenal bp and loved it, actually I still have it, but never use it.

Joe2k4 Sunday, 21-Feb-2010 1:58 PM ET:

Just wondering but why not the booksense? I am in the market for a portible player and was strongly liking the booksense for the great speech in it. Thanks for any help.

darknexus Tuesday, 23-Feb-2010 09:53 AM ET:

Well, the Booksense is a bit pricey for what it is, plus the battery life isn't all that impressive at up to 12 hours when you consider the other book players. Personally, if I were in the market for one of these, I'd wait just a bit longer to see how the Bookport Plus shapes up before jumping in and buying one. Also, the Plextalk Pocket is supposed to get Wifi download capabilities in the next firmware release, and given that the Bookport Plus is just the Plextalk with a different firmware such functions might come to that unit as well. I, personally, wouldn't dream of spending around $350 for one of these, but then again with Kobo plus Stanza on my iPhone as well as a Rockbox-loaded player for my Audiobooks which I encode to ogg from the original CDs, I really don't need one. I'd probably get one if the price was a little more reasonable. They don't need to be as expensive as they are, the price could easily drop down $100-$150 and dropping the price would be a great way for these other companies to undercut Humanware. Instead they've actually made their devices *more* expensive. I don't get it. It'll be interesting to see what price, exactly, the Bookport Plus will go for.

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