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Freedom Scientific Cuts Price on Focus 40 Blue to $2,795

Freedom Scientific has made another major cut on the price of one of their braille displays. This time, they've sliced the price of the Focus 40 Blue to $2,795, a $1,700 savings. It now ranks as the cheapest 40-cell bluetooth display and near the price of the cheapest 40-cell display period. FS did a similar drastic price cut with the Pac Mate displays a few years back.

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darknexus Thursday, 04-Mar-2010 02:29 AM ET:

Great. Still not affordable though. Besides, no way I'll buy anything from them until they stop trying to kill everyone else off with this whole Braille driver signing crap.

Jeff.young Thursday, 04-Mar-2010 9:00 PM ET:

It just occurred to me that the only reason they did this is so they don't take as much crap for the driver thing. I give them credit for the cut, but I still probably won't by from them in the future. Does somebody want to explain why jaws is $1100 and SMA's are $260? Pitiful!

Blind Paladin Friday, 05-Mar-2010 9:35 PM ET:

Couldn't agree more- although the price drop is appreciated it is far from affordable. The Braille driver rubbish is the real deal killer for me however when combined with this outstanding ultimatum from Serotek. I will happily pay an extra few hundred dollars, since I would need a loan anyway, in order to support HID Braille devices.

darknexus Wednesday, 10-Mar-2010 4:47 PM ET:

Don't see how this would make them take less crap for the driver situation, quite the opposite. Requiring drivers to be signed by them, then cutting the price of their own displays, just supports their attempt to essentially force other competitors out of the market not only by forcing them to pay FS but by making FS's offerings look more attractive. I'd just love to see FS fall under the guns of an anti-trust investigation and finally get what they've got coming.

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