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#csun10: Sendero Pretends to be Letterman, Releases Top 10 List of New GPS Features

Sendero has released a large list of features to expect in their upcoming version 7 of their GPS software for the BrailleNote family of PDAs. The top 10 list was posted to the gps-talkusers mailing list over the past week, and we've compiled the messages in one place for your convenience. According to Mike May, there will be some more surprises announced soon. The complete list is after the jump.

There are 4 major and 6 minor changes as well as programming
improvements under the hood in Sendero GPS 2010 as compared with the
6.2 release. Many of these and other features are unique to Sendero
GPS and some are not even available in commercial GPS products.
Note that the version number has been changed to the year to reduce
confusion between the other products powered by Sendero GPS. GPS
Version 2010 will load 2010 maps, not maps from other years.
1. New updated 2010 maps and Points of Interest as well as a new Rich Map engine
and a new SQLite database engine.
2. Favorites List: Keep track of your favorite addresses, POIs, or
any location you might use frequently by pressing ENTER with Dots
2-3-5 on the BT, or CONTROL with 1 on the QT.
3. History List: Up to 25 of your most recent locations are stored
like your initial GPS position, virtual starting position and
destinations set by an Address or POI search. Press ENTER with Dots 2-3-6 on the
BT or CONTROL with READ with H on the QT.
4. Automatic route creation options: Press R then M to hear the
choices. Then press enter on the item to change and scroll through
the list. Note that the average speed time estimate for a pedestrian
route calculation has changed from 2 MPH to 3 MPH.
4A. Vehicle Routes can either be fastest time or shortest distance.
4B. Pedestrian routes can either be shortest distance or fewest turns.
4C. Vehicle Turns can be set to: Favor right hand turns, favor left hand turns, or
fewest turns.
4D. Highways and Freeways can be set to: Normal, Preferred, Avoid if
possible and None. If you encountered traffic on a highway for
example, you could switch your route to Avoid Highways, and you would
force the route to use surface streets, avoiding the highway traffic.
This option could also help you calculate a bicycle friendly route.
4E. Toll roads can be set to: Normal, Avoid if possible and None.
4F. Roundabouts can be set to: Normal, Avoid if possible and None.
5. When a route is loaded, you now have several ways to configure
automatic Lookaround information. The default is to have only
intersections trigger, no POIs, or changes in street name, city or
state. You can turn all these items on if you wish, however, when a
route is being announced, it is best to limit the amount of
Lookaround information being spoken. Press R then M then L for Route
Management of Lookaround announcements. Choose All to get all types
of information. This was the default prior to version 2010. Route
announcements only is for no Lookaround information at all. Route and
Intersection announcements is the default.
6. POI categories have been consolidated and improved to be more intuitive (still
7. In addition to POI categories, a new Tag system has been added to
provide standard tags or labels for common environmental information.
After entering a POI name and a category, you will be presented with
a Tag list. Press Enter if you don't wish any tags. Use Chord M to
mark and unmark tags. You can choose as many items as you like. These
tags will be announced in Lookaround mode after the name and category
of the POI. Press Enter when finished to move to the next level. You
will be presented with the Select additional content prompt. Press
Enter if you wish none.
8. Rich content attached to user points of interest is now included
when those points and files are added to the collective user POI
list. For example, when you add an audio description of an
intersection or a menu for a restaurant to a user point of interest,
those items are carried through the collective user file generation so other users
can benefit from your efforts.
9. Conduct an Exhaustive search automatically for a city or street when it is not
10. Some prompts have been changed. When you acquire your GPS
position, instead of hearing "Acquiring satellites", you now hear
Searching for satellites. Also, you now receive more information when
you create a route. You can scroll through the details with R then I.
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