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#csun10: GW Micro Anounces the BookSense DS with OLED Display

GW Micro has anounced the BookSense DS, a version of their digital book player that features an OLED display. The screen can display what the BookSense is saying, as well as display books and documents. The BookSense DS features 4GB of memory, a SDHC slot, and keys which are more spaced apart than the existing BookSense. A price and ship date have not been anounced.

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Access4Us Wednesday, 24-Mar-2010 3:59 PM ET:

I am a bit confused. Their site states the Size - 4.5x9.7x1.6cm. That means the player is only 1.7 x 3.8 inches. That has to be a mistake. they must mean inches not centimeters.

J.J. Wednesday, 24-Mar-2010 4:08 PM ET:

9.7CM puts it around the size of many cell phones, so this is believable to me. My guess is that the keys are smaller with space between them. While speculation is fun, GW Micro has a reception with Hims tonight at 7 Pacific and we'll be there to give our first impressions.

darknexus Wednesday, 24-Mar-2010 4:22 PM ET:

I'm curious, what purpose would a display serve on a unit like this? It wouldn't be big enough for low vision users, at least if the size dimensions are accurate, and I doubt it's for video playback either.

Access4Us Wednesday, 24-Mar-2010 5:15 PM ET:

darknexus I could not agree with you more. How can a screen that small, even if it is OLED, provide large enough print for someone with even a slight vision loss. Again, I just don't understand. Can't wait to see what you guys find at the reception tonight.

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