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Sendero LookAround 1.1 Coming Soon with Direct Dial, More

The Sendero Group is quickly pushing an application update to their new LookAround app for the iPhone. Version 1.1 will be available in the app store in the coming days and include the ability to choose points of interest categories, the ability to dial phone numbers from the app, and some bug fixes among other improvements. Read about it from this mailing list post from Mike may. The price for the app is $4.99. Update: Additional improvements in the forthcoming release may include the fixing of blank points of interest, a pushpin for the visual map display showing your current location, and the sensitivity of the shake function being lowered.

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darknexus Saturday, 09-Oct-2010 02:06 AM ET:

I wish they'd work less on the iPhone app and instead put GPS support into their Maps software for the PC. Full Sendero on a netbook, now that would be pure awesomeness!

RainParade Sunday, 10-Oct-2010 11:02 AM ET:

Not me. I want my GPS tiny. Once is enough for that disclaimer screen they always show on startup, though.

darknexus Sunday, 10-Oct-2010 8:17 PM ET:

It's not a matter of size, it's a matter of price. I'm not going to buy a phone, mobile speak, *and* mobile geo especially when CF can't make their trial work right and refuse to even answer my support requests. I'm not going to buy a >= $2000 device that won't even be able to connect to my Wifi network (none of the notetakers can handle AES encryption even though my four-year-old $200 phone can do it perfectly) and then an extra $1300 to $1500 on top of that. I take my netbook around with me everywhere anyway, with the case I have for it it's just as portable as a notetaker (I can flip open the case and go whenever I need to). Couple that netbook with a small bluetooth keyboard I could hold in my hand to operate my GPS without opening the case and I'd have the perfect setup. That way the actual device used to control the GPS would be tiny. And yes, they do make tiny bluetooth keyboards, some of them even fold up to be come even tinier than necessary. The battery life on my netbook is awesome, couple that with the much better hardware than any notetaker and POI searches would be instantaneous. It would drop Sendero from being too expensive into the realm of affordable when one considers the price of netbooks these days.

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