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IPPLEX Rleases LookTel Recognizer Ap for iOS

IPPLEX has released their LookTel Object Recognizer app for iOS devices. Recognizer allows one to identify products in realtime using the device camera. Once an object database has been built, the app will recognize and describe the object instantly. The app costs $9.99, and is available now from the iTunes app store. If you've tested the ap, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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remixman Friday, 24-Feb-2012 10:05 PM ET:

Cool concept. I feel though that, because I have to ask a sighted person to identify stuff to begin with...It pretty much defeats the purpose, doesn't it?

nimer Saturday, 25-Feb-2012 05:02 AM ET:

Interesting concept. I'd love something like this to come to Android. And as it already has a barcode scanner, it ought to recognize many objects natively, or am I missing the point?

mehgcap Saturday, 25-Feb-2012 06:49 AM ET:

My thought as well, but I still might get it. After all, it sounds great for things like different clothing, unchanging packaging for foods or other goods, or anything else you use a lot but have to be able to tell apart. Now, if it could do bar codes without having to have the code in a certain position in the camera view, I'd get the app in a heartbeat.

darknexus Monday, 27-Feb-2012 5:27 PM ET:

I don't get it. If you first have to tell the app what an object is, what good is it? The entire reason for using a recognizer in the first place is because you don't... well, recognize something. I'm rather confused as to the point of this.

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