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Trekker Breeze from Humanware for $729.00 [Shipped] (expired)

Humanware offers the Trekker Breeze for $729.00 with free shipping. That's $200 off the regular price!

Imagine doing your neighborhood chores freely without having to depend on other people, without having to count your steps or always worrying about getting lost. Breeze tells you where you are, where you are going and what is around, such as stores and public services. Click the link provided or call 1 800-722-3393 to learn more. Deal ends June 30.

Original Kapten GPS System for $225

LS&S has the Kapten portable GPS navigation system on clearence for $225. With about $17 for shipping, it's less than half the original cost of this unit. A newer model of the Kapten is now available for close to $500. The Kapten is a self-contained GPS system which offers several route navigation modes.

Freedom Scientific Releases PAC Mate Omni 6.5, Reduces PAC Mate price by $900

Freedom Sientific has released version 6.5 for their PAC Mate Omni PDA, as well as lowered prices for the entire line of PAC Mate Omni devices.
The speech-only PAC Mate is now $1495, the 20-cell version costs $2895, and the 40-cell model costs $4695. The 6.5 release adds support for RealSpeak Voices, Mundu® IM and FS DAISY Player is now built-in to the firmware. Version 6.5 is available for free to existing PAC mate Omni customers.

Refurbished i.d. Mate Omni Barcode scanner for $699.88 shipped

Blind Mice Mart has refurbished i.d. mate Omni Barcode Scanners for $699.88. With free shipping, this is at least $500 off the cost of the i.d. Mate Summit. The Omni has the capability to hold the current bar code database and comes with all standard accessories.

Brunton Braille Compass for $57.99 Shipped

For a reader, has the Brunton Braille Compass for $57.99. With free shipping, we couldn't find this item for less elsewhere. It includes braille labels at the four cardinal directions and dots for other points.

Olympus DM-4 Digital Voice Recorder for $299

Handy Tech North America has the Olympus DM-4 Digital Voice Recorder for $299. With about $10 for shipping, we weren't able to find a better deal on this item. The Dm-4 features a 2.2-inch color LCD display, 8GB of built-in storage, the ability to play and record in MP3, WMA and Wav formats, 29 hours of battery life, and support for Daisy, audible and other books. The DM-4 also features voice guidance, which speaks the device's menus and settings, as well as Nuance Vocalizer text-to-speech for reading TXT and Daisy books. To this point, no NLS support has been included in the unit.

#csun10: GW Micro Anounces the BookSense DS with OLED Display

GW Micro has anounced the BookSense DS, a version of their digital book player that features an OLED display. The screen can display what the BookSense is saying, as well as display books and documents. The BookSense DS features 4GB of memory, a SDHC slot, and keys which are more spaced apart than the existing BookSense. A price and ship date have not been anounced.

Humanware Releases Victor Stream 3.1

Humanware has released version 3.1 for their Victor Stream audio book player. This new version adds support for nested folders within the DAISY bookshelf, support for the spanish electronic braile format, and it is now possible to copy DAISY books from USB flash media to the stream. Note that the promised support for books in the EPUB format is not in this release. Version 3.1 is a free update for existing Victor Stream customers.

#ATIA2010 Guerrilla Technologies Announces Visionary, OCR Solution for $1500

Guerrilla Technologies, Inc. has announced Visionary, a portable OCR solution for $1500. The system consists of a Dell Mini netbook, capture stand and digital camera. At launch, the product will only be sold with this netbook, although a version without the computer is being considered. This product is expected to be released within the next 30 to 60 days.

#ATIA2010 GW Micro Announces support for SAMNet with the Book Sense

GW Micro has announced that the Book Sense audio player will be supporting content from the System Access Mobile network in the near future. This is similar to the feature found on the Plextalk Pocket and the Victor Stream. This will be a free update to existing Book Sense owners and SAMNet subscribers. A release date has not been given.

PLEXTALK« Pocket Now Compatible with System Access Mobile Content

Shinano Kenshi Corporation and Serotek have announced a partnership which will allow content from the System Access Mobile network to be played on the Plextalk Pocket digital book player. This functionality is similar to that offered by the Humanware Victor Stream.

Mike Calvo Posts Interesting Thoughts on Intel Reader Developments

Here's an editorial piece from Serotek founder Mike Calvo on the Intel Reader, questioning the motives of Intel, Humanware, and others. There's many interesting and valid points here, and it's definitely worth a read. Via Serotek Blog

Exclusive: New Impressions about the intel Reader Emerge

We have received an annonymous report describing the Intel Reader in detail, and their impressions with The unit. The Intel Reader is being marketed as a stand-alone reading device, able to turn a page of text in to speech. Read on for details.

Victor Reader Stream at $200 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller and Blind Bargains reader has posted a Victor Reader Stream portable media player with a starting bid of $200. With $10 for shipping, that's nearly $140 off the cost of a new unit. Plus, an 8GB memory card is included. Auction ends October 31.

Orbit Research releases the iBill Talking Banknote Identifier, priced at $99.99

Orbit Research has just released the iBill Talking Banknote Identifyer for $99.99. At this price, this is the least expensive bill identifyer currently on the market. According to the manufacturer, this device recognizes every US banknote in circulation in about a second and is able to announce denominations by voice, tones or vibration. The iBill runs on 1 AAA battery and can be ordered immediately.

KNFB Reader Classic for $1,100 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller has relisted a like-new KNFB Reader Classic, now for a starting bid of $1,100. This is the PDA model and comes with everything necessary to start reading printed material. By comparison, the KNFB Reader Mobile retails for roughly $2,200. Auction ends November 5.

TSI Optacon for $399.95 or Best Offer on EBay

An EBay seller has listed a used TSI Optacon, model R1D, with a BuyItNow price of $399.95 with about $20 for shipping. or, make an offer. The Optacon is still one of the most sought-after reading devices available, allowing the blind to feel raised print. The unit is being sold as is, and comes with rechargeable batteries.

KNFB Reader Classic for $1,200 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller has listed a like-new KNFB Reader Classic for a starting bid of $1,200. This is the PDA model and comes with everything necessary to start reading printed material. By comparison, the KNFB Reader Mobile retails for roughly $2,200. Auction ends October 25.

Convention: Icon Update adds Audible Support

An new update has been released for the LevelStar Icon and BraillePlus PDA's. Among other features, vesion 1.11 adds support for the Audible book format so users can download and listen to books from Also, a new feature called the workspace has been added, which allows for users to view recent RSS feeds, files, or a welcome screen. Some bugs with some National Library Service books were also fixed.

Victor Reader Stream 2.0 to be Unveiled Monday will be featuring a presentation on the new features in the Victor Reader Stream 2.0. The interactive chat will be held on Monday at 8 PM Eastern, 5 PM Pacific in the tech talk room, which we've linked to on this post. We don't have any concrete details on new features as of yet, but Windows Media and braille support have been ideas talked about in the past. If you have any insight, you can send us a note. You can send us a tip anonymously if you wish for this or any other breaking news story.

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