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My Top 10 Accessibility Wish List for Android 4.5

It's been a long time since Google has released a major version of its Android operating system, and all indications are that the next version will be a big deal. Google is likely to unveil Android 4.5 during its IO event in San Francisco in late June. While there has been incremental accessibility improvements to Android over the past few months, many are hoping for some major leaps forward with this release.
Inspired by a list from Jonathan Mosen for Apple's iOS 8, here are my top 10 accessibility wishes for the next version of Android.

Samsung Enhances the Power of the Galaxy Core Advanced with Three New Accessories

According to Samsung Mobile Press, Samsung is releasing three new accessories for the Galaxy Core Advanced. The goal of all of these accessories is to make the phone a more powerful tool for people with visual impairments. The ultrasonic case provides audible and tactile feedback to alert the user about objects that are within 2 meters of them. The optical stand scan provides the user with an optimal angle and distance to capture text and have it read aloud. Finally, the voice label tool allows users to label objects and addd a voice tag.

Sprint Will Give You An iPhone 5C If You Switch From A Different Carrier

In an effort to attract new customers, Sprint is offering $100 off the cost of certain smart phones including the new iPhone 5C and 5s. This means that you can get the iPhone 5C for free and the 5s for $99. The offer only applies to customers who are switching from a different carrier and who sign a two year agreement.

Sprint Introduces the Kyocera Kona Accessible Flip Phone, Available for Free with Contract

Even though there are accessible smart phones on the market, not everyone is interested in having a phone that requires a data plan. Starting on September 13th, Sprint will start selling the new Kyocera Kona flip phone. The phone will sell for $50 with a two year contract, with a $50 rebate that makes the phone free. The phone has a built-in text to speech engine that reads aloud all menus, text messages, incoming caller ID, notifications, and more. Users will be able to change how fast the text to speech talks and the color contrast on the screen. The keypad has shortcut keys for 911 and well defined tactile buttons. There is also a web browser for users that are interested in connecting to the web on their phones.

AT&T Follows T-Mobile's Lead and Offers No Contract Options

Earlier this month, T-Mobile announced it's no contract options and committed to changing the cell phone industry. To avoid being one uped by T-Mobile, the other major carriers also have decided to make changes. A few days after the announcement, Sprint came out with new pricing on their plans and unlimited data for life. And now AT&T has come out with no contract options that look very similar to T-Mobile, but of course are slightly different.

According to an article in CNet, AT&T customers will have the option to pay an installment plan for 20 months rather then an upfront fee with a two year contract. They will then have the option to leave the carrier as long as they finish paying their installment plan. The plans range from $15 to $50 depending on the device. An iPhone 5 would cost someone $32.50 per month and a Galaxy S4 would cost $32. Along with the no contract option, customers will have the option of upgrading their device after one year instead of 24 months. The biggest difference between T-Mobile's plan and AT&T's is that the monthly plans for AT&T have not changed. If you don't think that you have extra money to tack on your already high cell phone bill then a no contract option may not be for you, but if you want the freedom of no contract then you now have another carrier option.

Unlocked Nokia N82 with Talks Premium at $250 on EBay (expired)

An EBay seller and Blind Bargains reader has posted an unlocked Nokia N82, with a fully licensed copy of Talks Premium 4.00.3 with a starting bid of $250. With $10 for shipping, it's less than the price of Talks alone. It can be upgraded to the latest version of Talks for free.
This phone is also compatible with the KNFB Reader Mobile software. Auciton ends December 4.

Nuance Talks&Zooms 4.11 Released

Nuance has just released vrersion 4.11.3 of their Talks and Zooms software package for mobile phones. This version adds support for several new handsets, improves the web browser for the Nokia e52 and N86 and more. Version 4.11 is a free upgrade for all premium licenses generated after November 13, 2007.

Nokia 3230 Cell Phone for $149.99 Shipped (expired)

If you're looking for a phone compatible with Mobile Speak or Talks but don't wish to shell out hundreds of dollars, try the Nokia 3230 in stock at Using coupon code NK323, the price falls to $149.98 with free shipping. It's an older discontinued model but still comes with a 1.3 megapixel camera and bluetooth. Combined with screen reading software, it's an inexpensive way to read and send text messages or browse your call log, among other features. Deal ends May 23.

Blind Bargains Showcases Accessible Verizon Phones on Amazon

The variety of accessible phone choices has exploded in the past year, and we'll be highlighting the current options for several U.S. carriers over the coming days. Today, check our new Amazon page of accessible phones available for Verizon. Eight phones are included ranging from low-end LG phones that talk out of the box to smart phone solutions that run Mobile Speak Smart Phone or Mobile Speak Pocket. Most are quite reasonably priced with a new contract. Watch for new pages for other providers in the coming days.

Nokia N75 Cell Phone with AT&T for $24.99 Profit Shipped after Rebate has the Nokia N75 cell phone for $24.99 profit. TO get this price, establish a new line of service with AT&T. Discounts are also available for extending your contract. This phone includes Bluetooth 2.0 support, 3G data connectivity, and a MicroSD memory slot. It's supported by Code Factory's Mobile Speak software for Symbian phones.

Motorola Q9M for $49.99 with Verizon Activation has the new Motorola Q9M cell phone for $49.99 after Verizon activation. The Q9M is a CDMA phone that runs on Windows Mobile 6 so it is compatible with Mobile Speak Smartphone. It includes stereo Bluetooth connectivity, QWERTY keyboard, stereo speakers, MiniSD high-capacity memory slot and a 1.3 megapixel camera.

LG VX8350 Cell Phone for Verizon for One Cent Shipped has the LG VX8350 cell phone for one cent with service activation from Verizon.
Note: Upgrade to two-day shipping for free. This is the upgrade to the popular VX8300 and features a smaller design, support for higher capacity MicroSD cards, and an internal antenna. This flip phone features Voice-Command, which allows a blind user to perform basic functions like navigating phone menus, hearing who is calling, and using the contact list. If you were considering the VX8300, take a look at this one as well.

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