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Noticing device slowdown after updating iOS? Take advantage of apple's battery discounts now

As you may or may not be aware, it has recently come to light that older iPhones are often known to experience reduced performance due to how apple handles new features on devices with older batteries.

Out Of Sight Games Completes Their Quest Line With The Official Release Of A Hero's Call

Out Of Sight Games updated their Kickstarter page with news that the audio-driven PC version of their Role Playing Game is now available for purchase from the official site.

Popular website Eyes Free Fitness now has an iPhone App

BlindAlive has now released a companion to their Eyes Free Fitness website. According to the description from the App Store, the app offers a variety of workout types, all described freely, enabling visually impaired people of all fitness levels to set and achieve their personal fitness goals. The app also allows users to access content from across the BlindAlive blog and podcasts.

Seeing AI version 2.0 released with new features, including handwriting and currency recognition

Version 2.0 of Seeing Ai, the app which Microsoft released earlier this year and which has now been downloaded over 100000 times, was released today. In addition to now being available in 35 countries, version 2.0 of the app has introduced a number of new features likely to be of interest to blind and visually impaired users.

Virgin Atlantic offers audio description on its in-flight entertainment

We all hate flying. Its crowded, its risky, and no telling what security is going to ask next. However, if you fly the international airline Virgin Atlantic, your flight has just gotten a little better. Following in the recent trend of adding audio description to mainstream content, Virgin Atlantic has just added audio description to their in-flight media.

Company Seeks Feedback about Airport Check-in Kiosks

If you have opinions or experiences regarding airport check-in kiosks, a company wants to hear from you.

November's BrailleNote Touch Update could Make You a Graphing Pro

The November update for HumanWare's BrailleNote Touch is all about math, especially graphing.

Santa Again Contracts with the NFB to Send Braille Letters to Blind Kids

In what has become an annual tradition, Santa Claus has partnered with some of his elves in Baltimore to send braille letters to blind children.

NVDA 2017.4 Release Candidate Diversifies Browse Mode Support, Drops XP and Vista

Another season, another release candidate for NVDA. The 4th version for 2017 includes a variety of improvements and also drops Windows XP and Vista support.

Firefox Quantum May Slow Down your Screen Reader on Tuesday; Here's What You Can Do

Firefox 57 Quantum will be released on Tuesday, and many screen reader users may want to avoid the update.

Now you can Describe Chicken Nugget in 280 Characters with Version 4.5

Accessible Apps has released another free update to the Chicken Nugget Twitter client for Windows and now Twitter is twice as fun.

Breaking: Germany's BAUM Retec AG Files for Bankruptcy Protection as it Restructures, BAUM USA Still Open

BAUM Retec AG, the parent company of BAUM USA and makers of the VarioUltra braille displays, has filed for bankruptcy protection in Germany. Baum USA remains open, however.

One International Airline Now Offers Boarding Passes in Braille

While smartphones have made it easier to gain access to important travel information, sometimes you might just want a boarding pass in braille, and one airline is doing just that.

SuperNova 16.06 Fixes more than a Dozen Bugs

If you've experienced crashes in PowerPoint or Windows Live Mail or more than a dozen other issues, they may be fixed in the latest free update for Dolphin's SuperNova.

TalkBack 6.1 Beta Adds Quick Language Switching, Enhanced Navigation in Native Apps

A new round of beta testing for Android's TalkBack screen reader has begun as the first beta of TalkBack 6.1 has been posted.

JAWS 2018, not JAWS 19 Now Released

On the heels of another round of public betas JAWS 2018 is now ready for mass consumption.

APH Blasts Through Textbook Barriers with Free Advanced Transcription Tool

APH's New Braille Blaster may become an indispensable tool for transcribers and students, and it's available now for free.

The Bitcoin Whitepaper in Braille Can be Yours for Free Thanks to A Crowdfunding Effort

Those interested in receiving a free copy of the Bitcoin Whitepaper, complete with tactile diagrams can now place preorders thanks to a crowdfunding effort.

Join a Free Conference Call to Ask your Burning AIRA Questions

If you wanted to learn more about AIRA, a conference call is available this Wednesday to answer your questions.

Portion of Enchanted Hills Camp Destroyed by California Wildfires, Lighthouse Pledges to Rebuild

A major portion of Enchanted Hills Camp including staff and camper residences has been destroyed by the California wildfires.

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