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Over the last four years I've done dozens of interviews on podcasts, radio shows, and now Tv as well. I believe this method works. Its especially effective for us blind business owners because it doesn't require us to leave our homes to gain needed exposure for our books, albums, movies, apps, or services. You get between 30 minutes and two hours depending on the show to have a personal intimate conversation where listeners can really get to know you and start down the road towards trusting you. You get your site links shared on other people's networks and mailing lists. I will do the hard work of finding the shows and sending out the pitches; so all you have to do is show up. for $997 I will create a custom profile for you on my site, come up with a basic pitch email, and locate shows and pitch them on your behalf for 90 days. After the 90 days is up, you can continue with my service for $200 per month. I offer a 90 day installment plan with credit card and or pay pal for billing, and I will cut the fee in half in exchange for a film credit or a prominent mention in your book, album, smart phone app, etc. I offer a great service. At this point its about growing my client base and getting the word out about what I do. Please check out my success stories page and contact any of my existing clients. If you have questions, just ask. I look forward to working with you, Max known around the world as The Blind Blogger, host of the What's Your Excuse Show, and so much more!

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