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Classifieds: Selling a Bose Sound Touch System for $250 and A Set of the Bose Companion 2 Speakers $75

For Sale I'm selling a brand new Bose Sound Touch system that comes in original box for $250. This system will include the remote control and documentation inside the original box. This system connects to any enabled bluetooth device and also it can be used with Pandora to stream music without using a device. In addition, this music system has amazing sound that has a base. The Bose system can totally be controlled with the remote control with no trouble. I just took out this Bose system to try it out and it did not work. So, I want to find it a good home. I'm asking for $250 for this Bose Sound Touch system. The second item that I'm selling is a pair of Bose Companion 2 speakers. These speakers are brand new in box and they will be come already connected. These are two speakers that are connected to each other which connects to devices through the headphone jack. These speakers are brand new and come inside original box and documentations. Again, I'm asking for $75 for these speakers. I accept Paypal as well personal Checks. Please contact me through my email below for any questions.

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