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The PayWithChip Marketplace is a new, easy to use, accessible shopping application that provides amazing access to popular products from major online shopping websites. No web browser required. Navigation is very user friendly, using four keyboard keys - up, down, enter, escape. Currently available as a Windows PC installable application. Tested with NVDA and JAWS. A few of the stores on our list are Walmart including groceries, Nordstrom, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy, and many more. Upcoming stores include Groupon,, Musicians Friend, Trader Joe's and many more. Checkouts are easy and simple, which means no more typing card numbers or saving card information. Customers receive a complimentary USB payment card reader. Checkout is completed securely and quickly with just a card inserted and the press of the enter key

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To download the PayWithChip Marketplace for Windows PC's, please visit . For questions, please contact us by phone at 754-702-2258 or email at . We are also on twitter @paywithchip and facebook by searching for paywithchip .

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