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Classifieds: Yamaha DTX550K electronic drum set

I am selling a Yamaha DTX550K electronic drum kit which includes the following components:

XP80 textured silicon 3 zone snare pad with tension dile
KP65 kick pad wide enough to accommodate a double bass pedal
3X tp65 gum rubber pads for the toms
PCY135 13 inch 3 zone crash cymbal with bell bow, edge and choke
PCY155 15 inch 3 zone ride with bell, bow, edge and choke
RHH135 13 inch dual zone high hat with controller. The controller pad on the high hat is on the bottom center. When placed on the included high hat stand the pressure from pressing down on the pedal will activate this sensor on the bottom of the high hat pad. The controller produces a close, half open and open high hat sound.
Finally the DTX500 module, high hat stand and aluminum rack is included.
This is a great drum set to use with a VST such as superior drummer like I do. Yamaha is up there in terms of quality with Roland gear. You're always able to upgrade the drum module to the DTX502 module but for vst purposes it isn't really necessary.

I am asking $1,300 for the drum kit which includes shipping. I will be using UPS ground for shipping. You will need to provide your own bass pedal or purchase one online. They aren't that expensive.

If you have any questions or want to send payment, send email to Thanks.

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