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Calling all Windows screen reader users! Browse your favorite online shopping websites in seconds, instead of hours. Take an online learning course in a variety of subjects like computer science to art history. The Pay With Chip Marketplace, is the first assistive software designed to make online e commerce faster to browse and easier to use, for everyone. We guarantee it! More than 30 stores and portals to choose from, with big names like Bestbuy, Learnable, Walmart, Ebay, Brookstone, Petco and more. Complimentary secure chip payment card reader means you never have to type or save a payment card again at checkout! Visit or search online for the Pay With Chip Marketplace .

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To download the PayWithChip Marketplace for Windows PC's, please visit . For questions, please contact us by phone at 754-702-2258 or email at . We are also on twitter @paywithchip and facebook by searching for paywithchip .

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