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Classifieds: Browse The Mystic Access Catalog Conveniently Using Your Touch Tone Phone

Are you uncomfortable browsing and ordering online, because you have difficulty in navigating websites? Would you rather have a friendly voice to guide you through the entire process? Mystic Access recognizes that you or someone you love may not be as proficient online, and we have a solution for you.

We're very pleased to introduce the Mystic Access automated phone catalog. You may learn about our products, services, free and paid virtual events, and other free offerings, all with just your telephone keypad. Sereproc Katherine, our friendly (and very life-like) text to speech voice, will walk you through all menus and describe all Mystic Access offerings in detail.

Whether you wish to discover our ever-expanding line of comprehensive audio tutorials, one-on-one training opportunities, or upcoming free and paid virtual events, our phone catalog will provide all of that information and more. Just press pound at any time to reach customer support, and we'll be happy to place an order for you, or answer any aditional questions you may have.

To reach the Mystic Access phone catalog, please call: (716) 404-4166. Long-distance charges may apply depending on your calling plan. Please note that while the catelog is available 24 hours a day, if you require customer service assistance through the catalog after regular business hours, we won't be available to assist you personally. Please leave a voicemail when prompted, and we'll be happy to return your call during regular business hours.

We hope you find our phone catelog to be a valuable tool to support your shopping experience. If you know others who may benefit from the catalog, please share this information with them. Many thanks, and happy browsing.

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