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hi there, I have quite a few things for sale. All of these things are either fantasy or pagan themed items. Prices are negotiable as long as they are reasonable offers.

  1. game of thrones map of westoros hand made leather bag:
    This is a very beautiful bag. It is hand made by a woman who goes by debbie leather. The bag is signed by her on the inside of the flap. The bag itself is about medium to large size, it can fit a 13 inch macbook air. IT has a devider pocket inside the bag. The bag has two flaps. The big flap in the front has the game of thrones map of westeros burned into the leather. It was made with a blind person in mind as the whole map is tactile. The closure of the bag is a button of two lions, and in the middle of the button, it looks like an empty crest. The button is very medieval looking. If you turn the bag over, there is a smaller pocket with another button. This button is very similar to the first, except that instead of lions, it has a dragon with the crest in the middle. This bag is made from genuine leather, wich means the leather is real. The strap of the bag is adjustable. This is a crossbody bag and cannot be altered. I am asking 250 dollars for the bag as I got it for 400 dollars. Shipping will be determined on the buyers location. I will only ship within the united states. I prefer paypal, but can use venmo or zel transfer.
  2. Next, I have a leather casting cloth. It has a very detailed design of the nine worlds of norse mythology. The leather is natural leather, so it is not cut evenly. I am asking 100 dollars but offers are welcome.
  3. Next is a leather/wooden casting cup. This is a cup, with a wooden bottom, and the sides are leather. This is a beautiful leather/wooden casting cup that could be used for casting runes, or dice. The leather has beautiful beading on it. I am asking 40 dollars for this cup, but offers are welcome.
  4. this last ppiece is a wooden wand made from a willow tree with an amethyst crystal for the tip. It has two bindrunes for protection and healing. It comes in a very decoritive leather sheath with beading on the sheath. This wand has never been used. I am asking 100 dollars, but again, offers are welcome.

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