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Save big on our Daily Deal, plus take advantage of our low prices on in-demand devices such as the Victor Reader Stream and Trek, Fire tablets, our Talking MP3 Players, as well as many other in-demand products!

On our Daily Deal you can get a brand-new 2016 Talking Fire HD8 tablet for only $69.99 which is $20 less than the 2017 model and includes an OTG Cable ($10.99 value) which you can use to connect USB peripherals to the tablet like a USB keyboard or a thumb drive. Will come with the screen reader turned on and we'll also install the Google Play Store so you can have access to a vast library of apps! To access Alexa you have to double tap and hold on the home button.

Get 6 months to pay with No Interest on orders over $99 when you choose PayPal Credit at Checkout. (subject to credit approval)

We have the latest Victor Reader Trek and Victor Reader Stream 2nd generation very affordably priced well below Humanware's prices! Just like from Humanware except not as expensive! These come with 8GB SD cards, earphones, wall chargers, long & short cables, and silicone protective cases. The Trek also comes with a lanyard. Save really big when you order from us as we don't charge you for shipping in the US and we only have to charge tax in the state of Florida! Your order goes out the very next business day! Fast and friendly service!

This week save nearly $200 on Humanware's latest device, the new Victor Reader Trek Talking Book player and GPS combined with Bluetooth capability plus get free priority mail shipping! Our stock of these is running low and this price will change when we restock.They're selling fast so get yours now at the lower $579.99 price! FYI, Humanware has raised their price to $699.99 plus shipping and tax!

Read this new press release on the Victor Reader Trek:

Order the 2nd generation Victor Reader Stream this week for just $349.99! You can read about and order it from:

Get our feature-packed Talking Book Reader which comes with the high quality Ivona voices built in! It plays all sorts of unprotected files including Daisy books, eBooks, music, audio books, video files, internet radio and podcasts! It records from its built-in mic, external mic/line-in, FM stereo radio, and internet radio! It gets 14 hours of playback time on a charge! Get it for only $229.99! Plus we'll throw in a Dual Port Wall Charger with your order! Check out my audio demonstration at the below link. Press enter on the link then search for the word download and save the file normally.

We have brand new Sansa Clip Zip 4GB Talking MP3 Players priced at just $109.99! Get them ASAP as we don't know if we'll ever be able to find brand new ones again and our existing stock is running very low! Remember they come with the latest firmware which will enable it to run for over 26 hours on one battery charge! Check out my demonstration at the below link. Press enter on the link then search for the word download and save the file normally.

We currently have 4 different 2017 Amazon Fire tablets on which we've turned the screen reader on and set up with the Google Play Store so you can use apps from either the Google Play Store or the Amazon app store! Get the 7-inch, HD 8 with 16GB/32GB or the HD Ten! With the latest firmware update all of these tablets will have Alexa Hands-free! You can read about them and place your order here:

You can use either a Bluetooth keyboard or connect a regular USB keyboard to these tablets with the use of an OTG cable to make typing easier.

Protect your Amazon Fire tablet with one of these awesome cases which doubles as a stand! These cases have a sleep/wake feature when you open and close them. Available in the combo boxes found below the tablet on its own page or from here:

Protect and extend the life of your expensive electronic devices with one of the below awesome magnetic cables!

For a microUSB cable which is the one which has the two little bumps, which will work with any device with a microUSB charging port such as the Victor Reader Trek, or Victor Stream, Sansa Clip zip, Kindle Fire tablets, Android smart phones & tablets, Samsung Haven/Gusto, in 3 feet $13.99 and 5 feet $15.99 choose the size you want in the combo box:

For a Lightning cable which works with iPhones 5 and above. Get a 3 foot cable for $13.99 or 5-foot for just $15.99 choose the size you want in the combo box:

Need extra magnetic microUSB or Lightning tips? Note that they aren't interchangeable so you can't use a Lightning tip with a microUSB cable or vice-versa. Order them here:

You're sure to love this very-affordable portable MP3 player AM/FM radio with built in front-facing mono speaker! It plays MP3/WAV files from either a thumb drive or microSD card! Listen to AM or FM stations or to MP3/WAV files! Jump to specific tracks or radio stations by entering the track number or the frequency! Read more and order yours for just $29.99 from here:

See our memory cards both microSD and SD to expand the storage space on your devices here:

To cover your Home wireless audio listening needs, we have 2 Home transmitter/receivers, with ranges from 150 feet up to 160 feet with low latency when combined with the below Bluetooth headset! Don't forget my offer of assistance in helping you figure out what you need to fill your Bluetooth wireless listening needs. You can read about and order the above here:

Check out these Bluetooth Headphones on our site, the Miccus SR-71 Stealth Bluetooth Headphones with microphone. Get it this week for just $59.99!

We have the Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Mini Shower mono speaker for just $19.99.

Once on our site be sure to take a look around and check out our accessories which are 20% off!

We have Samsung Haven and Gusto 3 Phones on sale for just $59.99 These are great easy to use accessible push button flip phones. The Samsung Gusto 3 works like the Samsung Haven with improvements such as ability to change the speed of the voice, Bluetooth capability, longer battery, and more. Use these phones in the US on Selectel through us:

Check out the Selectel phone plans available through us for use with the above phones or bring your own CDMA/Verizon phone:

This special runs through Monday August 13th so place your order while you still have a chance!

All prices are in US dollars. We accept major credit cards and PayPal on line, or you can call 727-498-0121 or Skype lazmesa to place your credit card order, or email me to have a PaypalMe link sent.

Your questions are always welcome.

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