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To our Eleventh Annual Birthday Bash for!

Grab your party hat, your bells, whistles, and horns, and dress up in your finest party duds! We will be celebrating our eleventh birthday in style on Saturday, January 26, 2019! There will be several hours of your favorite games and giveaways, of course, but that is not all! This is not going to be just any party! We have some really cool speakers lined up for you this year, so mark your calendars for this very special day!

Our honored guests at this year’s celebration will be:

Hans Wiberg, Be My Eyes
Every day, sighted volunteers lend their eyes to solve tasks big and small to help blind and low-vision people lead more independent lives. This is done through the use of an innovative smart phone app which connects a blind person to a sighted volunteer. It grew out of an idea from Hans Wiberg who relied on family to help him out through the use of Facetime. Yet, what if they were not available, or, what if other blind persons needed similar assistance. So, from there, he took an idea to develop an app for all the blind, and it grew into a global power house in which the volunteers number about 1.8 million. We will chat with Hans on how it all came together, and how someone without any programming experience created an indispensable tool for the blind.

Steve Sparkes and Mick Dawson, Ocean Rowers
Former Royal Marine Steve Sparkes was the first blind person to row across the Pacific, arriving in Hawaii 82 days after setting off from California with fellow former Royal and Falklands War Veteran Mick Dawson – with the pair using the challenge as a way to raise funds for Blind Veterans UK and The Royal Marines Charity.
Steve rowed himself into the record books when he arrived in Honolulu. The pair set off from Monterey on June 6th as part of the Great Pacific Race, dubbed the “World’s Ultimate Endurance Challenge”. While the direct route is 2,400 miles, weather conditions and changing currents extended the trip to closer to 3,000 miles.
They faced incredibly rough seas and wet and cold weather, causing them to break two sets of oars in rough conditions.
At one point during the mammoth journey, Sparky was swept overboard and was only saved due to the fact that he was tethered to the vessel at all times.

Pete Gustin, Voice Announcer
From movie trailers and Super Bowl ads, to Network TV Promos and some of the most recognizable radio brands in the country, Pete Gustin is the voice of the Fox News Channel, and much more! Known for his massive vocal range, Pete performs in every genre, every medium, and every realm of the world of voice overs and brings a premium sound to all his projects. Now, as we chat with Pete, we will get behind the voice, and learn more about him and his exciting career!

Amar Latif, Traveleyes
Traveleyes is a special travel service that provides a safe, comfortable and fun way for any blind or sighted person to travel solo. Travel groups are normally between 14 and 20 people, and around half of the group are blind and half are fully sighted. An emphasis is placed on sensory experiences, including lots of tastings and sensory excursions, such as vineyards, street markets and gardens. After dinner, individuals can choose whether to socialize, or just relax with a bit of personal time. Each day, a sighted traveler is paired with a different blind traveler. Blind travelers will tell their sighted friends how much they can see, and how they like to be guided. Then it’s off to explore!

Dan Parker, Drag Racer
Get behind the wheel, buckle up, push down that gas pedal, and hear those tires squeal, as you thunder down the track! It’s the need for speed, and oh, what an adrenalin rush you get as you race to top speed.

Dan Parker was a drag racer from age 18 to 42, until an accident in 2012 left him blind, when he hit the wall at a speed of 175 miles per hour. He is an automobile builder, accomplished racer, and he did not allow the accident to quash his love of the sport. He became the first blind man to race at the Bonneville Salt Flats. He raced a bike that he designed and built, and his Blind Ambition drives him and motivates others. He is pulling into the Out-Of-Sight pit stop to give us a chance to learn more about him, and how he uses his skills to build, design, fix, operate, and race!

Sign Up to Attend the Party!
If you would like to become a member of Out-Of-Sight and participate in the birthday celebration, send us an email, and include the following:

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We hope you are just as excited and intrigued about all of the information our special guests will share with us! Come and join the party, and we look forward to meeting you!

Happy Eleventh Birthday, Out-Of-Sight!

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