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Are you looking for a loved one? Do you ever feel that you can't be heard when you are trying to communicate with others? Do you have some need for learning how to use the technology? Have you been discouraged because you haven’t been able to learn it? If you have ever been in need of one of these items, come to our workshop and we can show you how these questions can be answered in their entirety. I know Vorail is not a dating app, but in actuality it is a dating app because a lot of blind people have found their significant other on Vorail. I know Vorail was not set aside for technology, but who better to talk to than the blind people that use the technology on a day to day basis?

Join the next meeting on 1 March @18.00 East Coast time by clicking the following link, or calling in:
+1 646 558 8656 or +1 720 707 2699
Meeting ID: 402 873 098

Send questions to or visit

About Vorail:
If food is one of your main interests, you may learn of a new delicacy in the grocery store you might not otherwise have been aware of. If you're adventurous, you may even try out one of the periodic recipes posted by one of our members. You could learn of one or more new Windows or IOS apps or games. Also, a quick post can often get you help with a technical question, from one of our helpful and knowledgeable members. You will be exposed to a wide variety of informative and sometimes thought provoking posts on topics including nature, astronomy, meditation, exercise, animals, personal growth, weather updates, breaking news, and more. If you enjoy a good book, you can participate in recurring virtual book club discussions and maybe even suggest the next title for consideration. You can exercise your mental muscle by reviewing and commenting on various number challenges, word puzzles or trivia questions. You can also occasionally try to identify some intriguing and often mystifying sound recordings. Every now and then you will be able to ride the wave of copycat questions where countless users suddenly offer to answer anything, ask for your impressions of what you think they look like, or sometimes even steamier topics like whether or not you would be interested in getting to know them in, ahem, the biblical sense. Should timing, circumstances and finances permit, you may choose to participate at one of the various meet-up events planned at different locations in North America, Europe or elsewhere. In a moment of weakness, if dealing with loss or anxiety, depression or sadness, you may try reaching out with a question and a surprising amount of positive thoughts, uplifting prayers or simple words of comfort and support may be offered to you both publicly and in private. Sometimes you may find yourself engaging; either in public or in private; in some steamy banter, some titillating teasing or a little playful flirtation. You will have the opportunity of listening to user submitted original poems, stories, memories and periodic multi part serialized audio dramas. If music is your thing, you will intermittently be exposed to some top quality instrumentals and vocals, both originals and covers, from a wide range of truly talented members. One day, you may make a simple comment on someone's post. This often leads to further exchanges, both publicly and in private. A shared interest, a laugh or even a kind word may, over time, develop into a meaningful friendship or even an incredible relationship - whether with someone very special in a neighboring city or halfway around the world.

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