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Classifieds: GPD win 2 for $450 or best offer

Hello everyone. I have a gpd win 2 I have owned since September and is in awesome condition. I have the original box and charging brick and cable. A case, 6 FT charging cable and a more powerful 27 watt power brick will be included. This is a pocket sized laptop with a built in keyboard and gaming controller and is about the size of an iPhone 8 plus in a case. It has a 1.1 ghz intel m3-7Y30 processor and goes up to 2.6 ghz. It also has a 120 GB ssd, 8 GB ram, 1 usb port, 1 mini hdmi, 1 headphone mic combo and 1 usb C charging port. It also has a micro SD slot. I'm asking $450 or best offer. Also $20 to cover shipping. I prefer e-mail contact. I can accept paypal, zelle,, cash app and google pay. Note: I cannot accept monthly payments. I'm so sorry about that. Thank you so much for reading and your interest.

Contact information or twitter @agtheblade

More details available
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