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Why be plain? Go Kustom Cane! Do you or someone you know use a mobility cane? Do you enjoy style and coordination in your dress? Who doesn’t like to show their team spirit and pride and display their teams’ logo and colors? Don’t be plain, Go Kustom Cane. How about an inexpensive way to advertise your business or support for a cause? There is no better conversation starter with your very own one of a kind cane from Kustom cane. Kustom Cane has been in the restyling and customizing industry for over 18 years. Our focus has gone from automotive restyling to cane and mobility products. Our long time experience and commitment to customer satisfaction ensures that you will receive a quality product reasonably priced, customized to your desire. Our vinyl is a high performance 3M grade providing you the best quality on the market. Don’t Go plain!
Embrace your cane with your personality-whether it is a folding aluminum, graphite, or telescoping- we got it! What a perfect gift for a friend or family member. Need a cane for church, formals, or special occasions? Check out our other products- The Mobility Bell and Cane Shield Protection for your cane. What is Cane Shield? Cane Shiel is our exlusive clear protective coating that protects every section of your cane from chipping, peeling, scratching, or other signs of wear and tear, thus extending your cane's life many times over!
We can also restore your cane if you love the one you already have for $29 which includes elastic, vinyl and new tip(Add $15 for Cane Shield).
Do you like charms?
Charms- charms- and more charms! From sterling silver accent cane charms to customized and personalized braille charms of all shapes and sizes-you will indeed have a one of a kind cane! Don’t forget about our personalized braille charms for your guide dog AKA furry friend’s collar or harness! Remember… Don’t be plain! Go Kustom Cane!
Other products include:
BLuetooth speaker charms
Stunt gun charm
Hidden knife blad charm(shaped as a key)
Talking watch charm
Voice recorder sharm
Backup battery charger charm
Multipurpose tool kit charm
Personal alarm charm
Whistle cane finder charm
Solid or flashing light charm

See our website at , That’s K for Kustom and C for Cane. Current promotion is a free charm with all cane purchases!
New exciting product!
Tired of losing your cane or your phone? Never fear! The new Kustom Cane Bluetooth Cane Finder Charm is here! It is a simple as opening an app and tapping on your phone’s screen! Your cane charm will begin to beep until you locate it! Lost your phone? Worried about it being on mute or silent? No worries! Just push the button on your Bluetooth Cane Finder Charm and your phone will start playing a sound until you locate it!
Price: $19
New cane designs!
We call it - The Camo Cane! Camouflage at it’s finest!
Another new cane! design!!!!!
The Chameleon Cane- Changes colors depending on the angle the cane is viewed and the way light reflects off of it!!! Choose from two designs
From green to blue to purple or from gold to copper to burgundy

Kustom Cane is your one stop cane shop- So don’t be plain! Go Kustom cane!
Call us to acquire gift certificates! for friends or family members! What a unique gift!
Ask about our other new products, including:
Cane lights to spiral around your cane(comes with on/off switch and the colors of pink, green, or blue)
USB 1000 maH Charger Charm
LED Flashlight Tazer Charm (colors of pink or black)
Hidden knife blades and all-in-one toolkit charms

Contact us today at 901-483-1515 or at our website, ”Like” us on Facebook! at : Why be plain? GO Kustom Cane!
Did You Know?
Every purchase you make with Kustom Cane goes towards the You Cane Give Initiative, which provides canes, mobility, and other technology to the blind around the world! So treat yourself and empower another!
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