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Classifieds: 10th Year Anniversary! Free accessories with our newest Talking Mp3 Player, Victor Reader-

Now, it's getting closer and closer to the Holiday Season and we have some very special deals including free accessories with many of our already discounted assortment of accessible media players and devices. We have something for you no matter what your budget is. Note: Our special discount prices on the Victor Reader Trek and Stream won't last long as we'll need to restock and the price from the manufacturer has gone up!

Special announcement: We've started using Amazon Pay as a payment method for your convenience. When you check out it shows up as a text labeled graphic, not a link so use the spacebar or enter key to activate it. It uses whichever credit cards you have set up in your Amazon account.

First on our Daily Deals page get our Talking Daisy Book Reader for only $229.99 and get not one but two accessories absolutely free of charge! We'll give you an 8GB SD card and a holster case free with your order! This is a feature-packed Talking Book Reader which comes with the high quality Ivona voices built in and plays all sorts of unprotected files including Daisy books, eBooks, music, audio books, and even video files! Get its introduction at the below link. Press enter on the link then search for the word download, press enter on it and save the file normally. Place your order here,

Brand new Victor Reader Trek at the lowest price around for just $599.99! plus we'll give you a free magnetic cable a $10.99 value, which will protect the charging port and prolong the life of your Trek! You'll get free priority mail shipping on top of that!!

Brand New latest generation Victor Reader Stream from us for just $359.99! You can read about and order it from:

We're giving away a free wall charger ($10.99 value) with our newest addition the Rockboxed Benji T-6 Lossless Hi Fi Talking Media Player for as low as $95.99 with a 16GB microSD card and up to $149.99 with a 200GB microSD card! To hear more about our newest Talking Mp3 Player--the Benji T-6, listen to my audio demo press enter on the link then search for the word download, press enter on it and save the file normally:

We have a couple more Sansa Clip Zip 4GB Talking MP3 Players left in stock and this may be the end of the road for them but for just a little bit longer you can order one for only $159.99. Get its introduction at the below link. Press enter on the link then search for the word download, press enter on it and save the file normally:

Get 6 months to pay with No Interest on orders over $99 when you choose PayPal Credit at Checkout. (subject to credit approval)

Order the latest Talking Fire Tablet from us and receive it ready to go! It'll arrive with the screen reader turned on and will also include the Google Play Store installed so you can have access to lots more apps than found in the Amazon App Store. All latest Fire tablets will have Alexa Hands'Free with the latest firmware update which makes it a much better deal! $2.00 off when you purchase this with your tablet: Protect your Fire tablet with one of these awesome cases which doubles as a stand! These cases have a sleep/wake feature when you open and close the case. Available in the combo boxes found below the tablet on its own page or from here:

Protect and extend the life of your expensive electronic devices with one of the below amazing magnetic cables!

For a microUSB cable which is the one which has the two little bumps, which will work with any device with a microUSB charging port such as the Victor Reader Trek, or Victor Stream, Benjie T6 and Sansa Clip zip, Kindle Fire tablets, Android smart phones & tablets in 3 feet $10.99 and 5 feet $13.99 choose the size you want in the combo box:

For a Lightning cable which works with iPhones 5 and above. Get a 3 foot cable for $10.99 or 5-foot for just $13.99 choose the size you want in the combo box:

Need extra magnetic microUSB or Lightning tips? Note that they aren't interchangeable so you can't use a Lightning tip with a microUSB cable or vice-versa. Order them here:

Portable MP3 player AM/FM radio with built in front-facing mono speaker plays AM/FM radio stations or MP3/WAV files from either a thumb drive or a microSD card for just $29.99! Get its introduction at the below link. Press enter on the link then search for the word download, press enter on it and save the file normally:

Great for football season! With all our Bluetooth items you get instructions from a blind perspective emailed to you directly! For those wishing to get Bluetooth capability on players like the Victor Stream, Bookport, etc, or those wishing to use Bluetooth with your stereo, PC, etc, any device with a headphone or Line-in/Line-out jack, you can get one of our two transmitters/receivers, the portable one or the Home version.

Portable Miccus Swivel Jack RTX bluetooth transmitter/receiver for just $49.99! Perfect for making your Victor Stream or any other device with a headphone jack, able to connect to your Bluetooth headphones or speaker! Connect it to your computer's USB port and have it come through your Bluetooth headset or speaker! It can be paired to two devices in both transmitter and receiver mode! The receiver side speaks everything from power on through power off! It boasts a range of 100 Feet and much more...

Miccus Home RTX 2.0 Long Range Bluetooth Transmitter/Receiver, up to 200 feet, for just $54.99!

For pairing with any Bluetooth transmitting device we have two choices from miccus, the miccus Stealth Earbuds or the below full headset. Both have microphones.

Miccus Stealth Earbuds for just $44.99! These are sweat proof and have speech feedback, up to 66 feet range, dual pairing, and 10-hour battery life!

Miccus SR-71 Stealth Bluetooth Headphones. This is a very nice headset which works wirelessly with either Bluetooth or use the included cable to connect it to a headphone jack. It's a very comfortable over-the-head headset. It cups around your ears so you don't disturb anyone when you decide to turn it up! Works with smart phones, tablets, and has very low latency with one of the above Two Miccus Bluetooth transmitters/receivers. Get great sound and long battery life. Get it now for just $65.99!

Portable Water Resistant Bluetooth Mini Shower mono speaker for just $17.99.

All our magnetic and regular cables and charging accessories at 20% off:

MicroSD and SD cards at special discounts for your MP3 players, book readers, phones, tablets and other devices. Get large capacity memory cards ready for use on your favorite devices and for your enjoyment we also include some OTR shows on the cards higher than 32GB! Get 200GB microSD cards for $65.99, 128GB microSD or SD cards for just $44.99, 64GB microSD or SD cards for only $25.99, 32GB for $17.99 & 16GB for $9.99:

Clearance items:

This special goes through Monday October 7th.

All prices are in US dollars. We accept major credit cards, Amazon Pay, and PayPal on line or you can call 727-498-0121 to place your credit card order or email to have a PaypalMe link sent.

Your questions are always welcome.

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