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Classifieds: DM42 – Are they listening to our task managing time tracking

Welcome back to another episode of the DM Show with Damashe Thomas and Michael Babcock.

The disclaimer file provided at the start of this episode is courtesy of Murray Media Productions

Starting this episode, we chat about the crazy setup Michael has for recording, but it works right?

Closely then followed by an app Michael learned about from the blog post Sounds frustrating! There’s

an audio problem affecting users of any screen reader on some Windows

computers, and it needs to be fixed – Mosen Consulting

Time to Ketch up with a google docs trick

We talk briefly about how Damashe was under the weather the day before this episode was recorded.

And Damashe then mentions a feature he learned from the Mac Geek Gab podcast about quickly adding search’s to google docs.

And of course the cool feature we learned about related to Google bringing a whole .new domain to the web | TechRadar

It’s full!

Michael’s mention of space he no longer had in google… Shh, come to find out it was a computer or 2 he had added to his google account that he had forgotten about.

  And then a chat about Connected Home over IP  

This then transitions into a conversation about them listening.

Is that Alexa, Google, Siri, ring, or everyone?

Time to manage those tasks

We mentioned task management with the Todoist app.

And the frustrations that come with not being able to interface with the task management app of choice from our current used platform. If on Mobile it works just fine, however while using desktop accessibility issues seem to arise.

Track that time

We chat then about tracking time and a couple of apps Damashe has tried to use as well as his challenges while trying to use those apps.

Mentions of email for work that Michael is using.

Mentions of email for work that Michael is using.

Secure your stuff

We then follow up with a chat about SQRL

Damashe learned about this from the Security now podcast.

SYNC won’t let you reset your password if you don’t want it to.

We then close it out talking about the software Michael is using at work.

And the scripting he’s doing to be able to use the software.

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