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Classifieds: Internet station, launching September 2020

The Nest DB, (KNST-DB) is a brand-new Internet (digital broadcasting) station coming September 2020!
We would love you to tune into our launch and get excited about our future!
What can you expect from The Nest DB?

Meet our Nesters!

Our presenters, or, Nesters as we affectionately refer to them are,
Wolfy, (Ryan Crile)
A passionate broadcaster who loves all things music, and talking up current happenings in his neck of the woods in California!
Catch Wolfy on air, weekdays, from 10A-2P Mountain time. Make sure to catch Wolfies Bites, a daily recipe directly from the man himself, in the 12P hour!

Robin, (Robin Barnes)
Robin also loves cooking, music of today, and 90’s country! Her voice is a voice you want to hear, talking up news, the next track and other topics of choice. Catch Robin, Weekdays, between 2-6 P Mountain time.

Rooster, (Drew weber)
Rooster takes care of station programming, sound/processing/engineering, imaging/production.
Catch Rooster on air weekdays between 6-10P as he brings you current events/news and other tidbits between the tracks.

The Nest DB Music!
At The Nest DB, (in regular rotation), we focus on music of today, most, to least in this order:
pop/top40 and country, (the most)
CCM, Christian contemporary, (a bit less)
Hip-hop, (even less)
Rock, and other
Various music going back to the 80’s. (the least)

All this music is handpicked, and blended to create a seamless mix that as you listen over time, just fits. (NO train wrecks)
A lot of times Key matching is heard between tracks.
The Nest DB aims to bring you a station where you can find a niche and come to expect the great music of today 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The Sound of the station:
The transitions between tracks are custom and tight. Most tracks have been cut/faded to achieve the optimum sound, saving time and fitting more music per hour without, speeding up tracks within the hour. Rooster has created a custom processing preset, using multiple processing engines to not only keep volumes between tracks level, but bring power to the sound as well as clarity. Rooster states, “I literally haven’t heard sound this good from any other station terrestrial or internet. You can hear the processing but you’ll forget it’s there, until you listen to another station or music from your favorite streaming service, and then come back to The Nest DB, and say wow, all over again”.

Catch Wolfy and Rooster in the morning between 6-10A Mountain time Fridays!
The 80’s Lunch hour! With Wolfy, Weekdays!
Other shows coming soon!

The Nest DB isn’t just another play what we want whenever we want, amateur internet station filling out the landscape with shows with formats all over the map. We’re a station that has a set format, a custom sound, and true professionalism.
Follow us on Twitter to keep up with what’s happening!
Website, coming soon!
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Twitter: @thenestdb

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