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Classifieds: Apple iPhone XR, Apple 128gb iPad, a few guitars, and Sony true wireless bluetooth earbuds

Get in touch for all the details! Apple iPhone XR with 64gb of storage in excellent condition with case, Apple seventh gen iPad with 128gb storage, mint condition, AppleCare, and two cases, Sony X3 true wireless active noise canceling bluetooth earbuds with charging case in mint condition, and three guitars: a USA made Rainsong all graphite DR1000 dreadnought acoustic electric guitar with hard case which is not effected by temperature or humidity, a California made Ernie Ball Musicman JP15 John Petrucci signature electric guitar with DiMarzio pickups, piezo, stainless steel frets, roasted neck, roasted maple top, and hard case in mint condition, and finally, a Japan made Ibanez Prestige AZ2402 electric guitar with Duncans, Goto trem, stainless steel frets, roasted neck, DynaMIX ten way switching system, accessories, and a sweet Prestige hard case!

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