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Classifieds: Notetakers and Victor Stream. From $2,800 to $100.

I currently have several devices that I would like to put in someone's hands. The first item is a Braille Touch Plus 32 cell from Humanware in great condition. Had it for about a year or so. All cells and buttons work like new. Asking price 2,800 dollars. Second item is a Polaris 32 Cell from Hims. It works as it should. This item is about 4 years old. All cell function properly. Backspace key is somewhat loose but it does not fall off or anything. It works. Asking price 1000 dollars. And the third item is a Braille Sense U2. Its also a 32 cell and all buttons work properly. And this device is about 6 years old. Asking price 600 dollars. Fourth item is a PacMate Omni with a 40 cell display. All cells and buttons work as it should. Asking price for this item is 400 dollars. And finely I have 2 functioning Victor Streams. And asking price per each victor stream is 100 dollars. Please contact me if you have any questions and offers for this devices. Please note that all device are used but all work well.

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