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Looking for 2 good episodes?

The latest:

DM65 – Accessibility+

In this episode, we don’t talk about Reaper at all😯 We do discuss scripting screen readers, Damashe trying a new email service, and the shrinking browser landscape.

DM64 – Talking podcasts with Kitchen distractions

In this episode we start talking about the REAPER offer available to all users, all they ask is that you wear a mask.

Transitioning into a conversation about how Damashe would like to set a keyboard macro up to add markers while recording in Reaper.

Michael gives us a quick tip about adding a TextExpander to Drafts on iOS, followed by Damashe explaining how snippet don’t necessarily have to be super short.

Contact information

Michael is @payown and Damashe is @damashe on twitter.

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